The World’s Biggest Buildings!

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1. Boeing Plant Where: Everett, WA How Big: 472 million cubic ft Ranking as the largest building in the world (by volume), this behemoth Boeing factory is used to manufacture the company’s 747s, 767s, 777s, and the new 787 Dreamliner. Covering 98.3 acres in total, the factory is its own campus with multiple cafés, a theater, flight museum and five Tully’s Coffee stands.

2. Jean-Luc Lagardère Plant Where: Blagnac, France How Big: 199 million cubic ft Made from 35,000 tons of flat carbon steel, this industrial facility near Toulouse is where the world’s largest passenger airplane, the Airbus A380, is assembled. Noted for its volume, in addition to the massive assembly hall, the building boasts 23,000 square meters of offices.

3. Aerium Tropical Island Resort Where: Halbe, Brandenburg, Germany How Big: 184 million cubic ft Like the buildings above, this facility was originally built as a hangar for giant airships; however, it has been converted into an artificial indoor tropical resort. Though it’s third on the list by volume, Aerium is the largest single hall without supporting pillars in the world.

4. NASA Vehicle Assembly Building Where: Brevard County, FL How Big: 130 million cubic ft Constructed for the purpose of Apollo/Saturn rocket assembly, this NASA facility is more or less a series of enormous one-roomed towers. To give you an idea of its size, the humble bay doors stand almost 500 feet tall and the addition of the US flag and Bicentennial logo on the building’s side took over 6,000 gallons of paint to complete.

5. Dubai Intl Airport (Terminal 3) Where: Dubai, UAE How Big: 16.1 million square ft While the buildings above are technically bigger by volume, the Dubai International Airport is the single biggest building in the world when it comes to two-dimensional floor space. Opened in 2008, the record-breaking building cost $4.5 billion and, believe it or not, is being expanded as we speak for completion in 2011.

6. CentralWorld Where: Bangkok, Thailand How Big: 1,024,000 square meters Opened in 1990, CentralWorld is an eight-story shopping plaza was originally only 300,000 square meters but was drastically expanded between 2003 and 2006 in an effort to trump its competitor that launched construction on a would-be bigger facility.

7. Aalsmeer Flower Complex Where: Aalsmeer, Netherlands How Big: 10.6 million square ft Stationed in the Flower Capital of the World, this enormous facility hosts the Aalsmeer Flower Auction – the store-front for more than seven billion cut flowers and over 150 million plants that are sold annually on site.

8. Beijing Capital Intl Airport (Terminal 3) Where: Beijing, China How Big: 10.6 million square ft Known as the second largest airport terminal in the world, behind Dubai, this $3.5 billion terminal was added in 2008 to accommodate the fact that Beijing boasts one of the busiest airports on the planet. Amazingly, Beijing’s Terminal 3 alone is bigger than all 5 terminals combined at London’s Heathrow Airport.

9. The Venetian Macao Where: Macau, China How Big: 10.5 million square ft Opened in 2007, this luxurious hotel and casino in China is modeled after the Las Vegas based Venetian. Made up of over 3,000 suites and epic amounts of convention and casino space, the fortress that is the Venetian Macao ranks as the largest single-structure hotel in all of Asia.

10. New South China Mall Where: Dongguan, China How Big: 9.58 million square ft Ranking as another of the world’s largest malls, has all of the space in the world but no one to fill it. Even though it opened in 2005, the New South China Mall has remained 99% unoccupied because there are not enough retailers available to fill it.




The Palazzo
Las Vegas, NV
How Big: 6.9 million square ft
What it is: A hotel, resort and casino.

SM City North EDSA
Quezon City, Philippines
How Big:
6.68 million square ft
What it is: A shopping mall super center.

The Pentagon
Virginia, USA
How Big: 6.6 million square ft
What it is: A major US government facility.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee
How Big: 6.6 million square ft
What it is: A former uranium enrichment facility.

Air Force Plant 4
Fort Worth, TX
How Big: 6.5 million square ft
What it is: A major US air force facility.

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