Would-be hardwood flooring samples purchase gone wrong!

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Hey, Good People – Rob here.

Maybe this post should be filed under the ‘tell me something I don’t know’ section, but let’s talk about it anyway. Sometimes, it’s important to stick to the basics, after all.

Handshake An important stage in getting the best results from hardwood flooring or any sort of building materials is to get the help needed from the experts without fuss.

Here’s a story I read in an opinion piece from Americus Times Recorder about buying hardwood flooring samples, and the importance of making it easy to get them. In this story, the customer simply wanted to take away a representative sample of hardwood flooring from one of the big box stores to continue with a long-term remodeling project. Simple, right? No, as it turns out. What was the problem? The store computers wouldn’t read the code on the sample the customer chose.

With much toing-and-froing from customer, sales, and store management, the customer left without the samples, and without a possible hardwood flooring purchase either. The customer then went to a smaller, local store where he was greeted by name, and took away samples without fuss. He was not made to wait for staff to adjust his request to their process, and the customer ended up buying hardwood flooring from the store who met his needs.

From this story, I was reminded that giving the customer “no hassles” is such an important part of building relationships with them, whether you’re selling hardwood flooring samples, chewy pet toys, or Halloween outfits. Often, the short-term gain needs to be sacrificed for the long-term one. In the case of the big box store, a sales procedure needed to be left behind in order to fulfill the needs of that customer in that moment.

Customer service, which includes making ordering hardwood flooring samples easy as well as providing good communication when it comes to customer claims, has always been important to us around here. Generally, from what our customers are telling us, we do a pretty good job. But, we always want to get better at it. In the coming months, we’re planning on streamlining our processes to make things even easier for customers to get the results they’re after.

In the meantime, this was a great example to us, and to our competitors too, of how things can always improve between a company and its customers when a little bit of flexibility and empathy is employed.

So, Good People; do you have any customer services horror stories/tales of woe of your own?  How might the situation have been made better by those you were dealing with?  Let me hear about it.



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