Wrecking Our Laminate Floor Damage Assessment Third Week

Reading Time: 1 minute

Our resident flooring expert Matt returned from the 2009  Surfaces show in Vegas with one thing on his mind; our outdoor laminate flooring which we have installed on our penthouse patio here in downtown Vancouver BC.  Well, it wasn’t the first thing on his mind.  It was at least the second.  Here’s what Matt had to say:

So, it seems to the expert eye that our flooring hasn’t taken all that much moisture damage, if any.  It must be said that we can’t get underneath the flooring at this point to really tell for sure how much moisture damage there is.  We’re sure there must be some.   But, everyone here is surprised how little damage our flooring has sustained.

Tonight is our big party, and a lot of our friends are coming over to check the damage for themselves, just so you’re not just taking our word for it.    So, stayed tuned, folks!



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