Wrought Iron: 11 Metal Designs Showing Their Mettle

A modern approach to design is to take the classics, and then re-define them for whatever overall aesthetic we’re looking to create. This got me to thinking about the kinds of materials we’ve turned to over the eras to evoke something of old-world stateliness. And one of those classic materials has been wrought iron.

Wrought iron is associated with a sort of Rococo or Art Nouveau curly-cue design that adorn garden gates, chandeliers, balconies, and doors. It’s fastened in the minds of many to that specific era, and maybe (dare I say it?) to a certain class (“Smithers, release the hounds”). It’s dramatic, and larger than life.

But, it made me wonder – just how diverse a design addition can wrought iron be, and can a wrought iron texture and design be a part of a modern space in any type of home without taking away from other elements? And what applications of wrought iron can make for the most eye-popping of results?

To demonstrate some of my findings, I’ve collected some images to show how wrought iron is more than garden gates (although it’s great for that even now in the 21st century …). Here they are!


1. The wrought iron bannister

Even if there are some incredibly ornate wrought iron railings and bannisters to be seen, they don’t have to be opulent, as you can see here. Sure, you’re getting the curly-cues.  But, it’s not over the top. In fact, I think it looks pretty elegant as a conversation piece without screaming too loudly.

Source: google.com via Niki on Pinterest

2. Wrought iron wall hangings

Metal as art is a pretty old tradition, really since the Bronze Age. And wrought iron, always having something of an artsy flourish, serves here as pure art, with contrast ruling the day, not ostentation.

Source: suzyssitcom.com via Steph on Pinterest


3. Wrought iron pergola

For those looking for a solid structure to create a framework for creeping vines, and the natural shade they offer, a wrought iron pergola (in this case, complete with chandelier) is one well-established option. And as you can see here, it fits in with a relaxed outdoor room without drawing too much attention to itself, and indeed, adding some classy atmosphere in a really subtle way.

Source: southernliving.com via Louie on Pinterest


4. Wrought iron bedframe

Bedframes are another go-to application for wrought iron. But, they need not be the elaborate Victoriana design element that distracts from other stylistic choices you’ve made. The wrought iron bedframe can be practical, and quietly stylish, too.

Source: coastalliving.com via Brenda on Pinterest


5. Wrought iron entry table

The wrought iron option for indoor furniture can create that antique, old-world effect. But, here it looks to be a supporting player for a design “zone” populated by mirror, lamp, and vase. The balance it helps to support makes it a base for more than just the physical items in this arrangement, but also something of a stylistic base as well.

Source: cotedetexas.blogspot.com via Peggy on Pinterest


6. Wrought iron mirror frame

Wrought iron rose and vine motifs that can be overdone, and for some it can be kind of morbid; black roses and vines tend to evoke a certain macabre effect. Of course on the other hand, that feel can be darkly stylish for those who are going for that effect. But, here it’s subtle and elegant, perfect for a stark space in the hallway, for whichever atmosphere you’re trying to strike.

Source: wanelo.com via Whitney on Pinterest


7. Wrought iron pet gate

To all you taste maven pet owners out there, you know that the plastic, and purely functional pet gate isn’t your only recourse. Here, wrought iron, or at least the look of it,  proves to be a great balance between cordoning off certain rooms to fido while staying in keeping with a more refined space.

Source: orvis.com via Mandy on Pinterest


8. Wrought iron clawfoot tub frame

The free-standing tub is making something of a comeback in the 21st century, harkening back to a century ago when they were the standard. To bolster the old-world look, and thereby fitting in very well with the effect, is the wrought iron, clawfoot frame.

Source: bathroomremodelings.org via bcr8tive on Pinterest


9. Wrought iron planter

Planters can come in all shapes and sizes, kind of like sculpture. There aren’t really any rules, other than being interesting in context to outdoor living space surroundings. So, the wrought iron bicycle planter, just as a for instance, creates a sense of whimsy, with some intricate metal scroll work that brings the artistry back into an otherwise functional outdoor element.

Source: Uploaded by user via Annie on Pinterest


10. Wrought iron garden furniture

As you can see, wrought iron can be an option to consider for clean lines, as well as ornate ones. And once again, the potential for contrast is what you’re getting here; the white cushions, the lush green backdrop of the surroundings, and the cool as can be basic black of classy wrought iron.

Source: ways2gogreen.com via B’wire on Pinterest


11. Wrought iron porch swing

Wrought iron is a material that really swings!  Har har har. Ahem. Sorry. Well, it does; look, see.

Source: porchswings.com via Sherry on Pinterest



Wrought iron is a material, and a stylistic texture, to many established design traditions. But, as it turns out, the use of wrought iron stands as a versatile addition to quite a few spaces, and in many different capacities.

So, what are your ideas and experiences? Where have you seen wrought iron used most creatively and/or effectively?

Tell me all about it in the comments section!



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