Wrought Iron Design Made To Impress

Wrought iron has a history that goes back for centuries, used in all kinds of ways; furniture making, gates, fences, and beyond. It’s was used in Roman times, during the middle ages, and across many cultures as well. As long as the smelting process for iron has existed, craftspeople have made great design using wrought iron. The “wrought” in the term means to work, of course. But, out of that work came great design, which we are still building upon today.

Since those earlier times and through various design eras and styles, wrought iron remains to be a decorative and versatile element in the 21st century. I suppose this is down to the fact that it mixes a couple of contrasting, and therefore intriguing, elements; the strength and sturdiness of iron, and the delicacy of the curved design for which wrought iron is best known. It’s that contrast that has given it legs to be applicable in a number of different design contexts.

And so with all of the above in mind, here’s a graphic representation of 11 ways to use wrought iron to amp up a design. Take a look!


From wall hangings, to bedframes, to artwork, to furniture, to outdoor structures like gazebosm, wrought iron is looked upon as a versatile design addition. But, decor elements that include it also communicated the idea of strength and artistry all at the same time.

What’s your take on wrought iron design?

What is it that you love about it? What do you not love?

Does wrought iron spark any memories for you – a gate to a backyard in your childhood? A piece of art?

Have you ever created your own wrought iron design? What did you create?

Tell me all about it in the comments section of this post!




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