Yard Problems? Artificial Turf Solutions!


Artificial grass is not just for sports fields. Today’s fake turf is actually realistic enough to work in your own yard. Here’s how!


Although we imagine it only in sporting circumstances—soccer and football fields, for example—artificial turf has actually become beautiful and realistic enough to be used in every yard.

Whether or not you actually have natural grass on your property, you should consider artificial grass for a variety of aesthetic issues around landscaping. I’m going to discuss a few of these problems, and how artificial turf presents a useful and practical solution.

I’ve got dead patches in my yard!

Perfect yards are rare. Sometimes, because of a difference in the soil quality or the amount of sun or even a stray cat’s favourite peeing spot, dead patches of grass can appear. There are two solutions: you can resow and regrow the grass, which is possible. But sometimes there are areas where grass just can’t grow: all-day shade is a good example.

If you just don’t want to bother trying to grow grass where it stubbornly won’t grow again, you can simply cover it in artificial turf. You can choose a lighter or darker shade to match the grass around it, and with today’s realistic fake grass, it won’t look too out of place.

artificial turf front yard

Are there are areas that are trodden upon every day, to the point where all grass has disappeared and a path has made its way? If you don’t like the appearance of a muddy path, you might want to cover the area in some fake grass to maintain the look of your yard. It’s also perfect for kid’s play areas where grass is most likely to get damaged. Also consider using it around the pool, where chlorine drippings from legs and bathing suits can damage real grass.

You can also use artificial grass to fill up more sparse areas, like at the edge of fences and buildings, around sheds and patios, and anywhere where grass might have more trouble growing. Your yard will look fuller, healthier and more attractive.

Pets just keep digging and destroying my grass!

Sometimes you can’t help it—animals have certain instinctive behaviors that are hard to change. Dogs tend to dig yards, and cats will want to mark their territory. If you’re having pet problems, a benefit of artificial grass is preventing having to constantly maintain your yard.

You can find pet-friendly artificial turf that won’t retain odors or get damaged by pet droppings. They will also be less likely to try and dig it, once they realize that they can’t get through. If you have several dogs, it might be a good idea to use this turf on a large area so they can safely run and play.

pet friendly artificial turf

Artificial grass is a favourite of dog kennels and doggy-daycare because it makes it easy to keep the area clean for both dogs and humans—something you might want to consider for your own yard.

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I live in an arid climate!

Well, if that’s the case, I’m sure the benefit of artificial grass isn’t news to you. But have you ever seriously considered it? If you’re trying to maintain your natural yard at the cost of a lot of water (not very sustainable) and grass food, you might want to think about switching up to artificial grass.

Fake grass can live in any climate and doesn’t need water to survive. Modern manufacturing techniques has made it soft enough to walk on barefoot, and you’ll barely notice the difference. You’ll save tons of water (especially practical if you pay for it in your area) and you won’t have to spend hours upon hours maintaining your yard against the climate.

And, in my mind, isn’t a grassy yard more beautiful than one filled with white stones or simply a dusty wasteland? Artificial turf is affordable, and market studies show that you get a return on your investment after only two years! For a 10-15 years lifespan, that’s a lot of money saved.

Your grassy knoll

Not all of us have the time, money and patience to maintain a perfect yard (or the climate!). But when you still want it to look perfect, maybe getting modern, realistic artificial turf is the solution.

What do you think? Is real grass worth it, or is the benefit of artificial grass attractive to you?

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