Your Bathroom Remodel: 5 Ways To Simplify

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When you’re trying to strike a balance between function and look in a bathroom remodel, approaching the project with the idea of simplifying it in mind can create a pretty clear vision of how to start. But, how do you simplify a project that adds so much value to your home as a whole when it’s completed?

Home remodeling writer, fellow blogger, and all-around cool cat Brittany Mauriss from remodeling experts CalFinder is here to shed some light on that very thing.


As the busiest room in the home, a bathroom needs to be supremely functional to support a household’s hectic life style. Whether your goal is to create a room that can that handle the morning rush, or a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to greet you at the end of a stressful day, a bathroom remodel can turn things around.

The wrong choice of materials, products and configurations, however, can leave a bathroom even more dysfunctional and demanding of your time and attention. Here are five simple ways to update a bathroom to make it function and look better, without investing a lot of time and work.

1. Get assistance

With hundreds of products and almost as many floor plans and layouts to choose from, getting help from a professional contractor is the best way to simplify the remodeling process. It’s a contractor’s business to stay up-to-date with the latest materials, products and technologies. Bathroom remodeling contractors bring with them a wealth of experience, too. They’ve had a lot of practice in determining what works and what doesn’t. They’re also equipped to handle installations that are beyond the ken of the average homeowner.

2. Choose clean-lined fixtures

When remodeling a bathroom with the goal of making the space more functional, fixtures and materials that are easy to maintain are paramount. While a Victorian-style commode may be charming, a streamlined toilet will be easier to clean. A wall-mounted sink not only makes it easier to keep floors clean, but can make a small bathroom feel more spacious. Features that help eliminate clutter are important as well, such as vanity and wall storage that get toiletries off the counter.

3. Provide adequate ventilation

Installing a new ventilation system is an investment that will save you time and money over the long run. No other room in a home experiences such radical changes in temperature and humidity. Over time, inadequately ventilated moisture not only makes paint peel and wallpaper come loose, but causes mold and mildew, problems that can be costly to address.

4. Tile with style

Mosaic tiling is decorative and trendy, but there’s no denying that small tiles are harder to keep clean than larger styles. Take inspiration from innovative bathroom remodeling ideas like those of resort hotels, which allow both ease of care and a sense of refined style to inform their tile, counters and flooring choices. With so many materials and styles available, look for products that look and function well.

5. Get coordinated

From fixtures and hardware, to accessories and mirrors, choosing products with simple and coordinated lines and finishes adds functionality to the bathroom, but more importantly, helps to unify the design into a cohesive whole. The bathroom’s overall style can greatly affect the mood of those who use it, and presenting a room that is visually pleasing and unified helps create an atmosphere of a clean, functional space, one that can be both invigorating in the morning and relaxing at night.


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