Your Home Needs a Getaway Room, But How Do You Create One?

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chair table sunny room oasisHave you ever thought about a getaway in your own home? Sometimes you just need the space to breathe, relax, and hide away from it all. But since you can’t hop a plane every other day and jet to a remote island, try the next-best thing: Create an island of peace and calm right there in your home. Getaway rooms aren’t just a luxury; they might be necessary for your sanity!

Prepare to create your own getaway room

Start by evaluating your home. What space do you have that could be used as a getaway? Sometimes this is easy — you might have a guest room, a little-used den or an office space that is not just collecting dust. But for many it is a bit tougher than this. If you don’t have a room that fits the bill, consider corners of rooms or unusual spaces. Could you clean out the closet under the stairs? Could you put up a screen to block off that corner that no one ever really uses? Look for ways to create an oasis, even in a large room that everyone uses.

Once you have your space in mind, think about what you really need to create a getaway. Some might need soft lighting and a comfortable couch to stretch out on. Others might want a nice office chair and desk tucked away in a corner for writing whatever their hearts desire. What helps you relax? Make a short list of things that you find luxurious and relaxing, then think about how to incorporate them into your getaway space.

Make it work

Now that you have these ideas in mind, it’s time to implement them. Start by making certain that your getaway area starts out free of clutter, dust and even color, if you can make that happen. You want a blank canvas for your creation — this will help you separate the space from any purpose it might have served before and transform it into a space that not only looks like a getaway room, but feels like one as well.

Choose your colors

Now choose your colors and how you will incorporate them. For that closet under the stairs, a fresh coat of paint might be in order. For the corner of the room with the big window, perhaps new drapes will suit the feeling. Remember, you can hang curtains even where there are no windows, to either accent your space or to block it off from the rest of the house.

Think about space

Next, look at what you can fit into the space. If you have a whole room to work with, the options are unlimited. But if you will be inhabiting that little breakfast nook or that forgotten space under the staircase, you will have to work with options that suit small areas. Look for a desk that fits into a tight space, choose a narrow yet plush chair for your reading nook, and make sure your accessories are just as space-friendly — such as that thin magazine rack that hangs on the wall or that funky rug that is too small to look good anywhere else.

Create more room, or the suggestion of it

If you need to create more space, use the illusion of mirrors to do that. If you want to box a space in, consider painting the ceiling or putting up dark screens that make the corner a bit cozier. Don’t forget to include a pretty basket or bin to catch any clutter that might wind up in your oasis — the last thing you want to see there is whatever reminds you that it’s time to clean the rest of the house!

Set the tone to suit you

Finally, set the atmosphere with soft lighting or candles. Choose targeted task lighting for areas where you intend to read or draw. Fire up incense or use a delicate room spray to invoke the good memories that smells can bring. Then bring in a touch of soft music — or if you prefer silence, invest in a great pair of earplugs. Now you’re ready to venture into your getaway room and leave the rest of the world behind.


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