Your siding is only as good as your install.

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Hi all,

A big part of my day is spent talking to DIY customers. Many of you call asking how our products stack up to the competition. That’s great, it’s important to know that you’ve spent your hard earned dollars on a quality product. I’m always impressed to hear how many hrs. or even days you’ve spent researching the best product for your needs.

In contrast, I’m always a little shocked to hear how little time some of you have spent researching the proper installation process. Remember, your products perform only to the level in which they are installed. Most product claims are due to improper installation rather than product failure itself.

I’m hearing this lack of preparation mostly in our manufactured stone product line . Tim Carters “Ask the Builder” article  solidifies my belief, and from what I can tell, it’s the flashing details that seem to be where the average DIY’er gets wet.

I blame this on a couple of things. Some of us think we know how to do everything. Unfortunately most products have differing requirements somewhere along the process. As minute as the variation may seem on paper, it could have a big effect on the outcome of your install. Then, if you’re anything like me, you don’t like reading instructions as they don’t always translate well once your on the job site. I’m a very visual learner and find a well laid out diagram or video much better for retention.

I have to say that even thought they’re a competitor, Owens Corning “Cultured Stone” does a great job on providing PDF instruction rather than just the written. You’ll find these especially helpful if you’re not up on the Industry lingo, given this is not your day job. For all the old-timers out there that have been doing this for a life time, it never hurts have a peek and keep current with the any new techniques and materials that are always popping up. Were in the process of improving our Install info, admittedly we don’t do a very good job on this.

As the days seems to get busier and busier, and I’m finding it hard and harder to find time to surf the web for “Good” new related sites and blogs. If anyone has some  great links please feel free to pass them on.

Build it well.


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