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How to Care for Stone Siding

You have selected and installed your distinctive stone siding. Your home looks beautiful, but now the question remains: how do I keep it looking this way? While stone siding is renowned for its visual appeal and durability, keeping its alluring presence requires routine maintenance work once in a while. But it certainly doesn’t take much to care for your stone siding. From your sandstone pillars to your limestone outdoor fireplace, check out these tips to ensure that your stone veneer panel siding will always stay fresh and inviting:

Sealing natural stone siding

If you’ve installed natural stone siding on the exterior of your house, the next step is making sure all your panels are sealed. This is how you keep your siding’s luster, even while it endures Mother Nature’s wrath. Before you seal your stone panels, you’ll want to use a nylon brush and swipe away at any dust and dirt you find so that it doesn’t get stuck between the stone and the sealant. Next, breakout the bucket and mix in some warm water with a natural stone cleanser to scrub down the siding. After cleaning, rinse away all the suds, wipe off with a towel and allow at least two hours for the stone siding to properly dry. Now you should be ready to apply the sealant.

A simple garden hose is perfect for washing off your stone siding. A simple garden hose is perfect for washing off your stone siding.

It’s highly suggested to consult manufacturer recommendations for your siding to determine which type of sealant will work best for maintaining your surface’s finish. Generally, the best type of sealers for exterior natural stone siding are penetrating sealers. They will not alter the look or color to your siding, and can usually go up to five years without having to be redone. Once you have your sealer picked out, either have a professional apply it on or coat the siding yourself, using an everyday roller to paint a thin layer on the panels.

As for routine maintenance for natural stone siding, always use neutral cleaners instead of any cleaning products that contain acid or bleach, for they can severely damage the surface. Soft-bristle brushes should be used for dusting away at any dirt or debris.

Manufactured stone veneer siding maintenance

One of the primary perks of adding manufactured stone veneer siding to the exterior of your house is the simple maintenance required to keep these panels in pristine condition. Because this type of surface is specifically designed with durable materials, all it really takes for homeowners to maintain manufactured stone veneer’s beautiful and realistic appearance is a thorough hose-down at least twice a year. Its easy preservation is what makes this style of stone siding a popular choice, especially among new homeowners.

Cleaning faux stone siding panels

As with manufactured stone veneer siding, faux stone siding panels are another easy maintenance option when it comes to an exterior selection to your home. Faux stone siding options are extremely resilient when it comes to withstanding weathering wear and tear, and any environmental build ups, such as mold, mildew or moisture, is very uncommon. Just be sure to give it a solid washing job along with a few yearly brushings to ensure it keeps its aesthetic qualities.

“Never wash stone siding with chemical or acid-based cleaners.”

Cleaning accessories to avoid

While stone siding is pretty straightforward to maintain, there are still some precautions to take when it comes down to washing the panels. Avoid applying any chemical or acid-based cleaners on your stone siding surface, as these products are known to leave noticeable stains along the finish. When you’re brushing off the siding, try not to use metal or wire brushes, which can potentially scratch or mark the rocky surface. Aside from those, most generic cleaning products won’t affect the the surface of your beautiful stone siding.

How do you keep the exterior of your house looking clean?

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