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What to Consider for a Cedar Shake Siding Installation

shaker sisind on a cape cod cottageWooden shake siding has been seen on homes going back many years, and are made from many different types of wood such as cedar, redwood, and oak. Cedar shakes give homes a rustic look because of their rough and somewhat irregular appearance, when compared to the clean outlines of shingles. They are especially popular for seaside homes, like the ones you would see in Cape Cod.

How are cedar shakes installed?

Homeowners usually install cedar shakes either all at once, or in layers to make some sort of pattern. To encourage a longer life, the wood must be treated prior to installation, and checked and replaced when necessary. This is most often done at the factory for the benefit of customers who are interested in a rustic look meant to last.

Single course

Installing cedar shakes is pretty much the same as installing shingles. The traditional way to install cedar shakes is through a method called single coursing. This is when each piece of cedar siding covers half of the one below it, much like staggering and layering on cedar siding on top of one another to provide a scale-like appearance. Nails are used to secure each shake, and spaced accordingly so that the next line of shakes will cover the preceding line.

Double up

Another method of installing cedar shakes is double coursing. This method makes use of an undercourse shingle placed on top of the preceding line of shingles. This makes for a more economical installation since a lesser-grade product is used for the undercourse. Double coursing produces a more defined scale appearance than that of shakes installed using the single coursing method.

What nails are best?

The type of nails you choose to use when installing cedar shake siding should be considered also. The right nails play an important role in ensuring that your cedar wood siding endures for a long time. Ideal nails to use on cedar wood are made from aluminum, double-dipped galvanized, or stainless steel. Other types of nails such as plain steel nails are not advisable because reactions between the nails and the siding and the environment will create ugly stains on your siding over time. Take care not to drive nails too deep into your shakes as this might cause your cedar shake to split.

Benefits of cedar shake siding

Cedar shake siding has been a firm fixture in construction history, and has experienced waves of popularity throughout the years. Cedar shake siding is a great addition to your home because it provides an extra level of protection against the elements as well as natural insulating qualities. Add that to the fact that cedar is a very durable natural material, known for its longevity. With proper maintenance, cedar shake siding can last for a lifetime.

Does cedar shake siding offer the right look for your home? 

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