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Finding Your Stone Siding Style

From amplifying your fireplace to hedging your front yard flowers, stone siding is the perfect way to accentuate any exterior or interior design style you’ve chosen for your home. Available in a variety of real stone options, colors, and profiles, stone siding makes for an enchanting addition to just about any location inside or outside the house. Giving the side of your house a more authentic feel and highlighting your front door pillars are just a couple of the ways you can use this material. Here are some design ideas for boosting your home’s appeal with the visual and resilient wonders of stone siding:


When you choose to have stone siding installed, you can rest assured that this decision will give your home added architectural appeal and value. If you have the time and the budget, natural stone siding surrounding your frontward facing windows gives an authentic polish to your home. The wide variety of natural stone siding panel options means you can build distinctive patterns, allowing more personality, colors, and designs to shine through.

Stone siding goes great for concealing your front yard garden. Stone siding is great for emphasizing your front yard garden.

Front yard

Your front yard is the introduction to your home, and what better way to present your residence than through a display of sophisticated stone siding? Everyone takes pride in designing a front yard that captivates the eyes and illuminates the neighborhood. If your yard is shrouded in trees and bushes, installing natural stone siding on the exterior of your house will help pull your landscaping designs together, putting the spotlight on the vibrant colors the surrounding plants produce.

Limestone siding is always a quality option for exterior styles, as it’s extremely low-maintenance and weather resistant. Limestone also works great when used as building a foundation for a flowerbed or mulched-in area around your lawn. Another great way to welcome visitors is by installing stone siding pillars that frame the front door. This makes for a more majestic entrance, and sandstone certainly creates an appealing column finish to the entryway of your home that’s both extremely durable and bursting with natural flair.

“Bring your family and your backyard furniture together with a stone-sided outdoor kitchen.”


From poolside picnics to fire pit barbecues, the backyard is arguably the most intriguing area when it comes to designing your home’s exterior. Anyone trying to create a little more character in their backyard area should consider installing a variation of stone siding. This material gives a more modern feel to this outdoor space. Bring your family and your backyard furniture together with a stone​-sided outdoor kitchen. Use quartzite finished slate to create the ultimate grill station with outdoor fireplace and get ready to spend some quality time making s’mores or swapping stories by the fire. If you have a pool and are really feeling ambitious, create your own waterfall with natural stone siding. This installation can even surround a self-generated pond that trickles over the side and gently into your pool.


If you feel like your living room needs a little sprucing up, adding some natural stone siding to your interior design scheme may provide the refinement you’re looking for. The fireplace is the perfect area to start with, whether you surround it with a more rugged slate stone siding or a darker shade of titanium black to enhance the flicker of the fire. The kitchen is another excellent room to include some stone siding in the interior of your home. Consider adding limestone or marble to serve as the backdrop to your stove and oven. This rustic aesthetic can create an intimate style, allowing for a more cozy environment around the dinner table.

Does natural stone siding work with your home’s aesthetic?

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  1. Is faux stone much cheaper . Is it a good alternative or a cheap substitute for manufactured stone siding for a stone chimney? I like the idea but only if the savings are substantial . Where can I see more the products and get prices?

    • BuildDirect Product Expert Team - Reply

      Hi Don,

      For looks, they are very close. The makers of manufactured stone and the makers of faux stone do a very good job of making these products look just like real stone.

      Manufactured stone veneer siding is typically priced more reasonable, which accounts for the increasing popularity of manufactured stone veneer in residential projects.

      Faux stone is slightly more expensive on the materials cost than manufactured stone veneer, but the shipping is far cheaper and the installation costs are much lower by avoiding a mortar application.

      Please order some free samples and if you would like to talk to a representative call 1-877-631-2845 and one of our experts would be happy to discuss your project with you!

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