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From Mediterranean to American Colonial Homes: Metal Roofing Design Ideas

While you may not have initially added roofing to your list of design choices when planning your home renovation or brand new home, what goes on top of your house impacts its overall architectural appearance. In fact, a roof can enhance or alter a certain design style. That means the type of roofing material you select is pretty important. Believe it or not, metal roofing is available in many colors and styles, letting you cover your home with the aesthetic you want. Not only that, it’s also a durable, long-lasting and weather-resistant material. With that in mind, here’s a look at some design ideas you may enjoy if you’re considering metal roofing:

Spanish and Mediterranean

Spanish and Mediterranean style architecture promotes the flow of air and light, as the movement originated in regions with warm climates. While these styles are often seen in the American Southwest, your home could have the Spanish revival or Mediterranean feel even if you live in a cooler climate. These architectural styles are characterized by stucco walls and terra cotta roof tiles. See? The roof is pretty important if you want this look. However, clay roofing isn’t suited to cooler climates, so finding an alternative that looks similar is important.

Metal roofing comes in options designed to mimic clay tile, which will help you achieve a Spanish look. Typically made of stone-coated metal, these options offer you the convenience, lightweight properties and durability of metal with the classic look of clay tile. To get the design, combine this type of metal roof tile with stucco siding, and add painted tiles to your walkways. All in all, you’ll achieve a rustic, old-world look for your home.

metal roofingWith so many style choices, your metal roofing can complement the architecture of your home. (Achilles Metal Roofing – Stone Coated Spanish)

Cape Cod and Colonial

Does your home look like it belongs on the East Coast? Do you have white siding and dormer windows? Then you might have a Cape Cod or Colonial style house. In this case, you can support the architecture by choosing metal roofing that has the look of dark shingles. Embossed metal roofing provides the coastal look. The best part is that the material doesn’t crack, rot, curl or peel over time, ensuring the beauty of your home.

If we’re talking about Dutch colonial architecture, your roofing choice may be a little different. Rather than dark shingles, go for enamel-coated metal roofing in the shake look. Dutch colonial homes have gambrel roofs, which look a lot like barn roofs. They’re also generally lighter in color. Of course, you don’t have to use dark brown shake – shingle metal roofing works too.

American Craftsman

Craftsman style architecture is characterized by natural materials (stone, wood, brick, etc.), earth tones, exposed rafters and plenty of windows. While craftsman homes don’t have an iconic roof look, shingles and shake are common. What’s more, depending on the color of your home, you can match it with numerous shades of enamel-coated metal roofing. Want contrast for your light green house? Choose a dark shade for your roof. Or, use dark brown roofing with tan house to maintain a neutral palette. When it comes to craftsman homes, having versatile roofing options is important, as the architectural style itself is diverse.

“With so many colors in various shades, you’re sure to find metal roofing you like.”

The choice is yours

These building movements are only a portion of what’s out there, and your home may not be on the list. And while the architectural style of your home can influence your roofing decision, ultimately, your personal tastes are the most important factor. Metal roofing comes in many color and style options, so pick a look that complements the rest of your house. With colors like, black, red, brown and gray in various shades, you’re sure to find a style metal roofing you like.

With metal roofing, you know your roof will last through the years without the signs of wear that many other materials may face. Plus, you’ll have a beautiful roof that matches with the overall architectural style of your house.

What type of architectural style does your home exhibit? Does your roof enhance this style?

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