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Best Places to Install Manufactured Stone Veneer in Your Home

While perks such as easy installation and affordable prices come standard with manufactured stone veneer, other undeniable advantages are the sheer variety of patterns, designs and styles you can choose from. Whether you’re looking to provide your living room with a more rustic and sophisticated appearance, or you’re trying to finally finish your backyard patio, manufactured stone veneer siding allows for ultimate design customization. Here are some ideas on where to install this material, both in and outside your home:

Captivate the kitchen

If you’re interested in adding some country inspired flair to your kitchen, applying manufactured stone veneer siding to your walls will do just the trick. This realistic stone surface serves as a more distinct and contemporary style that balances a rural feel amid your polished appliances and wooden cabinets. If you have the space, a perfect place to add some manufactured stone veneer is above the stove and oven area. With the natural-looking rocky backsplash working as the outer layer to your cooktop, your space will appear like a charming kitchen that’s straight from an elegant Tuscan village.

Illuminate the fireplace

One of the more popular areas inside the home to install manufactured stone veneer is around the fireplace. Nothing looks more natural than the combination of a sparkling fire nestled within earth-colored rocks, providing warmth for those cuddling nearby. Once you’ve dimmed the lights down and admired the shadows flickering along the walls, you’ll immediately know you’ve made an excellent interior design decision. Manufactured stone is a resourceful alternative to using real stones in the interior of your home, and will be sure to make your living room stand out.

Manufactured stone veneer always looks great around the fireplace.Manufactured stone veneer will add style and texture around the fireplace.

Embellish the bedroom

A common misconception of stone-based siding is that it’s only meant for the exterior of your home. This is an unfortunate notion, as walking into a room that’s covered in manufactured stone veneer makes a statement of stylistic integrity that’s anything but forgettable. Many bedrooms tend to have a more of a toned down aesthetic compared to more public areas of the house. Why not give your sanctuary an eye-catching element by installing manufactured stone veneer along the walls? Another excellent area waiting for more pizzazz is the bathroom.

Broaden the backyard

Of course, if you’re going to make any area of your home appear more natural, why not make it the backyard? The possibilities are practically infinite when you consider the different ways you can style your backyard with manufactured stone veneer. If you have an outdoor fire​place, manufactured stone siding is an easy to install option that will add some appealing integrity to the foundation. If you’re trying to find the perfect backdrop for your deck or patio, covering manufactured stone veneer along the exterior of the house facing the backyard is perfect. Anybody who enjoys spending quality time working the backyard grill can create their own cooking oasis by surrounding their grill and outdoor dining area with a multi-colored manufactured stone veneer, which offers a high-end yet relaxed look.

“Manufactured stone veneer works as a natural backdrop to your garden.”

Guard your garden

When it comes to finding siding that looks architecturally appealing with your plants and garden, manufactured stone veneer is definitely the way to go. You can build your own garden wall surrounding your flowers and bushes with a stone surface that can handle extensive wear and tear from the weather. Put in a backdrop of manufactured stone veneer behind your garden, then place some lights within the mulch so that the shadows illuminate onto the rocky surface.

These are just a few of the creative ways you can uniquely improve your home by using manufactured stone veneer.

Does the look of real stone work with your home’s design scheme?

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