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Natural Stone Siding Versus Manufactured Stone Veneer

Choosing the right new siding for either the interior or exterior of your home depends on a variety of factors, but one thing is for sure: going with a stone surface will enhance the elegance and longevity of your house. However, there’s still a debate when it comes to stone siding about whether you should go with natural or manufactured stone veneer. Each type of surface has its pros, but they certainly possess distinct characteristics that are unique to their materials. Here’s what you need to know when comparing natural stone siding versus manufactured stone veneer for your home renovation:


While there are plenty of styles of manufactured stone veneer that offer a very realistic look for your home, the natural beauty and permanence of real stone siding is unmatched. That’s not to say that manufactured stone veneer doesn’t provide convincing and signature style. There is a ton of variety in both colors and patterns, and manufactured stone panels can definitely pass as the real thing. However, with natural stone siding, you get a product made by Mother Nature that is rich with unique color variations and textures that can’t be beat.

Natural stone siding always helps create a dazzling visual aesthetic.  Natural stone siding always helps create a dazzling visual aesthetic.


Whether you’re a seasoned DIY veteran or you’re preparing to tackle your first project, it’s no question that manufactured stone veneer is easier to install than natural stone siding. For starters, manufactured stone veneer products are extremely lightweight, making for easier installation. Of course, natural stone siding also has its advantages with regards to installation. The new and enhanced panel systems found with many natural stone styles allows for an easier time lining up the pieces and attaching them to the foundation wall than compared to installation procedures of the past. But as for time, budget and energy, manufactured stone veneer has the slight edge over natural stone siding.


This category is difficult to pick a winner when comparing these two styles of stone veneer, as both variations are renowned for their strength and durability. In fact, both natural and manufactured stone panels are designed to withstand weather conditions no matter your climate, while still maintaining their original look and color over time. A factor impacting longevity for both surfaces lies within the installation process, which is why homeowners with minimal experience should consider having their stone siding professionally installed.

“Both variations of stone siding are renowned for their strength and durability.”

Which one is right for you?

What it really comes down to for deciding between natural and manufactured stone veneer is factoring what your budget and time restraints are. While the price difference between the two surfaces is not much different, manufactured stone veneer is typically more cost-friendly and allows for a quicker installation time, which has made it a more popular choice for homeowners in recent years. However, those who prefer investing in material and appearance will definitely not be disappointed by going with natural stone siding. Before making your final decision, order samples of each style of stone to get a better grasp of the visual and material aesthetic for both surfaces.

What would you prefer for your renovation project? Natural stone siding or manufactured stone veneer?

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