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Style Considerations for Faux Stone Siding

For homeowners wanting to add a more natural look to their house with an easy to install product, going with faux stone siding is a stylish and durable choice. Cast from real stone, one of the great advantages of using faux stone siding is the overall versatility of this material. Not only does this high-impact polyurethane product have the appeal and resilience to look great and last long outside, it also has the potential to accentuate the interior design of your home. If this sounds like an intriguing material to you, here are a few of the popular ways to use faux stone siding for your house, as well as how you can achieve different naturally inspired looks:

Express your entryway

Whether you’re trying to completely deck out the exterior of your house with faux stone siding or you’re simply looking to highlight a specific outdoor feature, there are many ways this material can instantly provide a stylistic upgrade. One of the more common ways faux stone siding is used for homes is for sprucing up the entryway. Nothing appears more inviting than having the sight of authentic-looking slate stone or limestone border the front door of your house, and you can consider installing faux stone siding on pillars to make things even more grandiose. With easy-to-install panel systems and carefully tailored corner pieces available, creating a seamless look with these natural-looking stones is also a breeze.


Faux stone siding always makes your entryway more inviting.

Broaden the backyard

Your backyard should be your own oasis, and customizing its appearance with faux stone siding can help you create a more intimate, serene backyard setting. For starters, assembling your own outdoor fireplace that’s outfitted with ledge stack faux stone will create a striking focal point your guests will love. Any outdoor dining area on the deck or patio will look even better when there’s a multi-tonal faux stone siding wall serving as the backdrop of your house. Of course, for homeowners who take pride in maintaining their backyard gardens or flower beds, nestling your lawn area with some faux stone siding walls can help make your plants look more prominent while resting by natural-looking rocks.

On the inside

While faux stone siding is mostly used as an exterior surface, you can certainly think outside the box and add some visual tranquility to the inside of your home as well. One of the best places to install faux stone siding as an interior surface tends to be the living room, especially if you’re considering upgrading your fireplace. Faux stone options can be installed around any gas or electric fireplace, both indoors and out (according to manufacturer recommendations of course). When it comes to wood burning or open-hearth fireplaces, it’s important to note faux stone can’t be installed unless a setback is maintained at least the same distance recommended for wood materials.


Renovating your fireplace surround with faux stone siding will give your space a rustic elegance.

Offering an appearance that’s just as grand as natural stone, faux stone siding is incredibly light weight, making it quick and easy to install. If you have any staircases that hug near interior walls or an at home bar, adding some faux stone siding to the walls creates a sense of elegance, certainly standing out more than your average painted walls.

“Charcoal and gray colors allow for more traditional styles of siding.”

Choose your appearance

When you’re reviewing which type of faux stone siding will look the best for your design intentions, make sure you review all the various surfaces available for installation. If you’re interested in having more colors on your surface, consider going with a simulated limestone look, sure to not only create a more eye-catching appearance, but to add a sense of permanence to your space. Homeowners who want something a little more traditional should order samples of more consistently toned faux stone siding, with colors such as charcoal or gray, which take a rather classic approach to adding a natural aesthetic to the house.

Whether you’re looking to update your exterior or interior space, faux stone siding is a versatile option that will give you the appearance of real stone at a fraction of the cost. It may be faux stone, but it offers authentic beauty for your space.

Will faux stone siding compliment your design plans?

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