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What Are The Different Styles of Interior Doors?

interior door

No matter what kind of style you want to create in your home, there’s a door to help you achieve the perfect look. From solid wood to frosted glass, get to know the various different styles of interior doors.

Shaker Doors

Shaker Door

Although Shaker doors are known for their simplicity and practicality, they manage never to look overly plain or basic. This interior door style does feature straight lines and minimal embellishment. Rather than having a smooth, single-level surface, however, Shaker doors have a raised border to add an element of depth.

Since they’re so subtly stylish, Shaker doors can fit both classic and contemporary designs. These wooden doors are also easy to paint or stain, so they fit a variety of color schemes. Thanks to their simple design and minimal decor, they couldn’t be easier to clean or maintain.

While you’ll often find Shaker doors on cabinets in the kitchen or den, they also work well as interior doors. These doors tend to fit best in spaces with distinct architectural details, as they can continue the clean lines already present in a room.

Glass and Frosted Glass Doors

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While interior doors are essential for defining spaces, solid surfaces aren’t always necessary for separating one room from another. Glass and frosted glass doors excel at establishing privacy while still allowing space and light to flow from one room to the next.

Glass doors typically feature a wooden or metal frame that supports a large etched or frosted glass panel and often work best in kitchens, home offices, reading areas, and other spaces that you don’t want to close off completely from the rest of the home. Since these interior doors allow light to pass through easily, glass doors also work well for rooms that don’t receive much natural light, such as studies and guest bedrooms.

Solid Wood Doors

wooden door

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Many interior doors feature sheets of particleboard, laminated wood, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) assembled around a hollow core. While this construction style can make doors lighter and easier to install, this design can also make interior doors look and feel less expensive.

When you want an interior door that looks and feels like a solid investment, wood is a great choice. Solid wood doors are much heavier than other options, but their higher density makes them better sound barriers between rooms. Since solid wood doors come in a wide range of styles and can take just about any type of stain or paint, they work well in many spaces. From media rooms to bedrooms, solid wood doors are smart options that pack a high-end punch.

Mirrored Doors

Whether they have a single panel or multiple folding or sliding panels, mirrored doors feature top-to-bottom mirrors. As such, they offer incredible reflective power and can easily amplify a room’s natural light levels. These interior doors can deftly create the illusion of a much larger space, no matter the actual size of the room, making them great choices for small areas like hallways.

You might not find mirrored doors closing off dens, studies, or kitchens, but these interior doors serve as the ideal closet doors. Since they reflect the room’s existing style rather than creating their own, mirrored doors tend to work best in spaces that already have a strong sense of design.

Barn Doors

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Barn doors may take their inspiration from their namesake farm buildings, but these interior doors fit right into homes in rural, suburban, and city settings. Typically made from solid wood, barn doors slide open rather than relying on hinges. Since they don’t need the swinging radius that most doors do, barn doors are ideal for saving space while adding a distinctively rustic style to any room. They can also complement any trim or decor in the space, as they’re easy to stain or paint.

Although barn doors may not be one of the newer styles of interior doors, there’s never been a better time to invest in these doors. These doors fit seamlessly into a wide range of home decor trends, from rustic to industrial chic. Whether you’re looking for a stylish door for your dining room or kitchen or you’re searching for the perfect interior door to close off your bedroom from your open-plan warehouse loft, barn doors are an excellent choice.

Flush Doors

flush door

They might be the simplest type of interior doors, but flush doors remain popular options for homeowners across the U.S. These doors can be made from wood or MDF, and they typically feature a smooth surface without embellishments, raised areas, or lines of any kind. As such, they tend to be the least expensive interior door options on the market, which makes them great choices for budget-conscious renovations.

Although they might appear simple, flush doors can serve as a sort of blank canvas. Depending on your resources and aesthetic preferences, you can either add design elements to flush doors or keep them beautifully basic. Add a stain or a coat of paint to take the room’s design to new heights, or install them as-is with their pre-finished veneer.

Panel Doors

As their name suggests, panel doors feature multiple interconnected panels that form a cohesive design. Most panel doors have a framework that supports two, four, or even more square or rectangular panels. On most of these interior doors, the panels are either raised or recessed to add an extra element of visual interest. Panel doors can be made from solid wood, MDF, or a combination. Some can even feature glass panels to add texture and light in the space.

Since panel doors tend to be heavier and more intricate than many other types of interior doors, they often work best in spaces that welcome them to make a statement. If you’re adding a door to the mudroom, kitchen, or study, a panel door can be a stylish option.

Whether you’re going for a classic style or a contemporary look, you’ll find just the door for the job. Browse interior doors that complete your home’s interior design.

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