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What is the Best Type of Flooring for Pets?

When building a new home or remodeling an existing home, flooring choices are everything. With pets in the home, this becomes even more important, because pets are just as hard, if not harder, than people on flooring surfaces. What are the best flooring for pets in the home? Let’s take . . . Read more

An Introduction to Rugs

Area rugs can easily and elegantly anchor a room. A good rug is capable of doing many things, such as covering and protecting a hard floor, adding warmth, making large spaces seem cozier, and creating eye-catching pops of color. The key is to choose high-quality rugs that look great and . . . Read more

About Bamboo Area Rugs

When sprucing up your interior space, flooring can be thought of as both a structural necessity and a source of decorative potential. While there’s a lot to choose from in the world of flooring, there is space to consider flooring accessories like area rugs to bring a decorative contrast to . . . Read more

Carpet DIY Videos

How to Install Carpet Tile A simple overview on how to install carpet tile. Arama carpet tiles are shown but any carpet tile will install in a similar manner. Watch How to Install Carpet Tile on YouTube How to Install Carpet A basic overview of how to install carpet. Watch . . . Read more