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Carpet DIY Videos

How to Install Carpet Tile A simple overview on how to install carpet tile. Arama carpet tiles are shown but any carpet tile will install in a similar manner. Watch How to Install Carpet Tile on YouTube How to Install Carpet A basic overview of how to install carpet. Watch . . . Read more

Carpet FAQ

  What can be done to eliminate mold? Are non-molding fibers available? What options are available for carpet soaked due to flooding? If my carpet has been soaked, does the pad need to be replaced? If sewage soaks my carpet, can I save it? Why are my carpet seams unraveling? . . . Read more

Carpet Glossary

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ A top Axminster The Axminster name indicates a carpet woven on an Axminster loom. The pile is created by inserting a variety of colored yarns that have been arranged on spools. This method allows weavers to create a complex design that uses numerous colors. Cut pile is the only . . . Read more