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What is Red Oak Hardwood Flooring?

Fast Facts About Red Oak Color: Heartwood is light to medium brown with a reddish tone; sapwood is pale creamy white to light reddish tan. Grain: Open grain with a coarse, porous texture and a wide range of figuring. Quartersawn planks have a flake, or butterfly patterning. Variations within Species . . . Read more

What is Sapele Hardwood Flooring?

Botanical Name: Entandrophragma cyn. Fast Facts Color: Sapele has a medium to dark reddish brown color which will darken with time and exposure to UV light. Grain: Sapele has a fine, interlocked grain. Variations within Species and Grades: If the wood is quarter sawn, it has a ribbon stripped effect. . . . Read more

What is Ipe Hardwood Flooring?

Brazilian walnut, also known as Ipe, is a tropical hardwood grown primarily in Brazil but is also harvested in Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Peru. Typically found in rainforests, the trees can grow to heights of 120 feet to 160 feet. The diameter of the tree ranges between three and six . . . Read more

What is Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring?

Botanical Name: Astronium Fraxinifolium Tigerwood grows naturally in the in the neotropical forests of Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico. Color ranges from a pale cream to a rich reddish-orange hue in the dramatic streaking pattern that gives the wood its name. Tigerwood has an irregular grain that may be . . . Read more

What is Pecan Hardwood Flooring?

Botanical Name: Carya iillinoinensis Fast Facts Color: The heartwood of pecan is reddish brown and striped with a deeper brown. The sapwood is white or off white with pink undertones. Grain: The grain of pecan is usually a bit wavy. Variations within Species and Grades: There can be significant differences . . . Read more