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Travertine Tile Glossary

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV A top Abrasion Resistance The resistance of a flooring surface to being worn when exposed to repeated contact of an abrasive material or consistent friction of less abrasive materials. Abrasive Finish A surface finish that is nonreflective, or flat. Abrasive Hardness (HA) A measurement of how a stone wears . . . Read more

Is Travertine Right For Me?

Travertine stone has gained much respect in home decorating. It is a soft stone, similar to limestone, but because of its density, it is also considered a type of marble, suitable for many decorating and flooring options.  Its bucolic yet elegant look makes it ideal for neutral or traditional décor. . . . Read more

Travertine Tile Videos

Travertine Tile Factory in Turkey A visit to a typical travertine processing factory. Watch Travertine Tile Factory in Turkey on YouTube Travertine Tile Manufacturing – Honing Machine The honing machine makes each tile very smooth and refined, with abrasives moving over the surface of each tile until it achieves a . . . Read more

Travertine Buying Checklist

Once you have decided you like the look of travertine, you need to prepare yourself before selecting a specific vendor or style of tile. You need to create a budget, find out more about the tile options and accessories, learn about installation costs, understand the warranty, and possibly discuss financing. . . . Read more

Travertine Tile Buying Guide

Travertine tile is a beautiful option that is suitable for a number of uses and in a variety of environments. The long history shows it is a dependable stone and the uniqueness of each project is clearly explained by the process of extraction and refinement. Before you purchase your tile . . . Read more

Types and Grades of Travertine Tile

Before purchasing your travertine tile, it is important to become familiar with industry terms in order to choose the type and grade of tile most appropriate for your purposes. While there is no industry standard name for the grades of travertine, most establishments use the names listed below. The two . . . Read more