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Travertine FAQ

  What is travertine? What colors does travertine come in? What type of finish can travertine have? What should I consider before installing travertine? Is travertine a “green” product? Where can travertine flooring be installed? What are the benefits of travertine floors? What are the disadvantages of travertine floors? How . . . Read more

Travertine Tile Glossary

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV A top Abrasion Resistance The resistance of a flooring surface to being worn when exposed to repeated contact of an abrasive material or consistent friction of less abrasive materials. Abrasive Finish A surface finish that is nonreflective, or flat. Abrasive Hardness (HA) A measurement of how a stone wears . . . Read more

Travertine Tile Videos

Travertine Tile Factory in Turkey A visit to a typical travertine processing factory. Watch Travertine Tile Factory in Turkey on YouTube Travertine Tile Manufacturing – Honing Machine The honing machine makes each tile very smooth and refined, with abrasives moving over the surface of each tile until it achieves a . . . Read more