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Top Senior Housing Trends

Many baby boomers are preparing to move into senior living facilities. As senior living professionals, we are prepared to give professional advice to the retirees. One of the main areas of focus for baby boomers right now is ensuring they have a certain level of comfort when they retire. Therefore, . . . Read more

A Brief Guide to Lamps

Here’s a bright idea: Illuminate your room by swapping out lighting fixtures. Did you know there are many types of lamps available? Lamps can serve a practical purpose and brighten up your sense of style. You can choose from accent, ambient, or task lighting, depending on the type of lamp. . . . Read more

How to Create a Reading Nook

A reading nook can help you escape the drudgery of life, whether it helps you immerse yourself in a favorite book or daydream about a vacation. No matter where you plan to build your virtual getaway, you can make your reading nook as simple or complex as you want. A . . . Read more

What is Craftsman Style Furniture?

When you watch home renovation shows or those about couples buying their first home, it seems like “Craftsman-style” always comes up. People are looking for Craftsman-style houses with great details, since these accents really add interest and make them stand out of from the cookie-cutter suburban homes that are so . . . Read more