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How to Harvest Rainwater

Looking at your water bill month after month can be stressful. The cost might go up during the summer months when you’re using more water outside for your lawn or garden. Here’s a solution where you use a natural process to save water and cut down on your expenses: harvest . . . Read more

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Renovation

Whether you’re thinking about making a few small changes or making a complete redesign, creating an eco-friendly kitchen is a smart project to undertake. A sustainable kitchen not only reduces your energy and water consumption, but also helps cut costs in eco-friendly houses. Learn about some of the most effective changes you . . . Read more

How to Go Green and Keep Warm in the Winter

When winter rolls around, some people feel like they have to choose between staying warm and being conscious about the environment. However, it is possible to heat your house and stay comfortable this winter while also being environmentally friendly and keeping your energy costs down. Install a Programmable Thermostat A . . . Read more