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How to Avoid Repeat Patterns in Flooring

A patterned floor gives a room more visual interest than a wide expanse of uniform color. But if the pattern repeats too obviously, the effect quickly becomes cluttered and unprofessional. The wider the variety in the floor’s pattern, the better the overall look. Here’s what you need to know to . . . Read more

What is Craftsman Style Furniture?

When you watch home renovation shows or those about couples buying their first home, it seems like “Craftsman-style” always comes up. People are looking for Craftsman-style houses with great details, since these accents really add interest and make them stand out of from the cookie-cutter suburban homes that are so . . . Read more

How to Keep Your Feet Warm in the Winter

The main reason that your feet become so cold in the winter is scientific. The receptors in your body automatically restrict the flow of blood to your skin. The why of it doesn’t help you, though. All that matters is that you’ve got cold feet. Here’s a guide on keeping . . . Read more