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Renovation Gone Wrong: When to Hire A Contractor

Renovation projects and upgrades are often on the minds of new homebuyers and settled homeowners alike. While consulting a professional is always the safest option, many people try to make a go of it themselves and end up deep in the throes of a remodel nightmare. Before you start pulling . . . Read more

Outdoor Lighting for Backyard Get-togethers

When the sun is shining through the windows and the sprinklers draw children outside to run around, you have to take advantage. Soon, the cold winds of fall will be coming, but for now, being outside is pleasant, with warm evenings and soft late-summer breezes. As the sun dips below . . . Read more

How to Match Lighting with Decor

Your home is so much more than simply the paint on your walls and the style and design of your furniture. Another important component to consider when putting together a room is lighting, which plays a large part in creating the look and feel of your home. If you illuminate . . . Read more

Introduction to Outdoor Lighting

The outside of your home is the first reflection of you that your neighbors and guests will see as they approach. You want the atmosphere to seem warm and inviting, welcoming one and all. One of the best tactics in building this sense of comfort involves choosing exterior lighting that . . . Read more

FAQs about Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting has a big impact on the look and feel of your home. A bright light can perk you up while a soft light can create a cozy effect. Lighting fixtures can have bold style that stands out or a subtle look that blends in with the rest of . . . Read more