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Decking Installation Tips

For best results with your brand new deck, it is recommended to hire professionals to build and install your deck for you. However, if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer, we have some deck installation tips to help you. Follow All Local Building Codes Local building codes are there for a . . . Read more

Decking Accessories

When building a deck, there are quite a few things to consider. The construction materials for the deck are important, but you’ll also need hardware and fasteners, railings, and you may also want to divide and enhance your space. Fortunately, there are a huge variety of options available to enhance . . . Read more

Wood Deck Kiln Drying Process

A kiln is essentially a low-temperature oven used to dry wood used for decking. The lumber is placed in a chamber where the temperature, humidity, and airflow is monitored and controlled for optimum results while the wood dries. Kiln drying is used where air-drying is not feasible, for example in . . . Read more

Wood Decking Grades and Terminology

Wood is affected by environmental elements, insects, and fungus. When building a deck, it’s important to choose a wood grade durable enough to withstand damage from these influences over time. But decks are more than something to stand on; they are an addition to your home. The wood you choose . . . Read more

Deck Buying Checklist

When it comes to building a deck, using the right type of decking is one of the most important decisions to make. The options are widely varied, and the one you choose should be based upon four main factors: cost, appearance, climate conditions in your area, and local building codes. . . . Read more

6 Reasons to Build a Deck This Spring

One of the most popular trends in home development today is outdoor living. Homeowners all over the country are expanding their living spaces to include the outdoors, building versatile living spaces that feature everything from quiet places to read to fully functional outdoor entertaining spaces complete with kitchens and dining. . . . Read more

What are Deck Tiles?

Building a deck can seem like a daunting task to a novice handyman, but deck tiles make it easy and fast. In a matter of hours, you can transform a tired balcony, porch, or sundeck from boring and ordinary to a stunning outdoor living area your family and guests will . . . Read more

Types of Manufactured Decking

Beyond wooden decking materials, there are several other options available to help you build the deck of your dreams. Learn more about composite and vinyl decking to decide which is the best choice for building a new deck to enhance your home or business. Composite Decking Composite decking is decking . . . Read more