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About Limestone Tile Flooring

The history of limestone as a decorative material dates back thousands of years. This timeless natural stone was used by ancient Egyptians to construct many of the famous pyramids still seen today. Hundreds of years ago, from Rome to Barcelona, builders incorporated limestone tile into countless numbers of beautiful churches and mansions. Today, limestone tile is considered one of the most alluring, well rounded and affordable types of natural stone flooring materials available for homeowners. Take a look at how limestone tile flooring can spruce up your home and illuminate just about any room in the house:


Limestone is just about as natural of a flooring material as you can get. This sedimentary rock is formed over millennia by sand, shell and mud deposits at the bottom of lakes and oceans. Limestone has a distinctive, fossil-like appearance and is composed of calcium carbonate and other collections of calcite and aragonite materials. Limestone is in the same family of natural stone as marble and travertine; it is softer and lighter than other types of igneous rocks such as granite.


A limestone tile floor will enhance your space with its natural, earthy beauty. (Kesir Limestone Tile – Jerusalem Bone)


First and foremost, deciding to go with limestone tile for your floor means an instant boost to any room’s appearance. With a variety of colors, shades and distinct fossilized patterns, limestone helps provide a more natural feel and look to your floor, while also adding a rugged sense of sophistication. Many of the options available for limestone tile tend to have a neutral brown, tannish appearance to them, which provides an earthy, natural style element that’s ideal for anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom floor.


The cost of most natural stone flooring materials can add up quickly, due to their high-end performance and captivating beauty. However, limestone tiles remain one of the more affordable types of natural stone flooring available, since these tiles are generally priced less than marble or granite tile. Homeowners who are trying to liven up their floors while still keeping a balanced budget can rest assured knowing that limestone tiles are a durable option that will enhance their space without breaking the bank.

“Adding limestone tile helps boost your home’s overall value.”


When it comes to customizing the appearance of any room, limestone tile is a material with plenty of versatility that will be sure to help homeowners create a more rugged, yet sophisticated aesthetic. As long as limestone is properly sealed and maintained, it will boost the prominence of just about any location around the house. Areas meant to cater to guests, such as living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms will definitely benefit from the installation of a limestone tile floor. Plus, adding limestone tile is an easy way to instantly improve the value of your home, as this timeless material is resilient, durable and of course stylish.


While installing limestone tile flooring in your home presents distinct advantages, a few factors need to be considered before settling on this renowned material. For starters, there will certainly be some maintenance required to keep limestone in pristine condition. Because limestone is a naturally porous stone, it needs to be sealed to protect it from absorbing liquids and becoming stained. Also, as previously mentioned, limestone is one of the softer types of natural stone materials available for flooring tiles. This means that when installed in high traffic areas, such as hallways, there could be a risk of potential chipping or breaking of the corners.

Also, since limestone tiles aren’t recommended for DIY installations, it’s best to hire a professional flooring contractor to lay the tile to avoid any mistakes. Finally, while limestone tiles are certainly easy to clean, you will need to use specific cleaning products that are designed to be compatible with the natural compositions of the material. Because acidic cleaners can etch the tiles, it’s best to use a pH-neutral stone cleaner.

Used as a decorative material for thousands of years, limestone tile flooring is a beautiful choice for interiors. If you’re looking to add a naturally decorative and durable surface to your space, limestone is worth considering.

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