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About Marble Tile

From classical architectural structures in Ancient Greece to everyday bathroom floors in suburbia, builders have been featuring marble as a practical yet luxurious material in all sorts of structures for centuries. Beyond its construction purposes, marble has a knack for versatility and appears as the medium in countless works of art. Whether used to tile a residential bathroom floor or a hallway in a prestigious government building, you can count on marble to be durable, resilient and elegantly beautiful.

About Marble Tile

Marble will add a luxurious look to stairs.

Why use marble?

One of marble’s best features is its durability. Builders have relied upon this natural stone for centuries to provide a strong material that will last for a long time. When purchasing and installing high-quality marble tiles, you can feel satisfied in knowing that they will stand the test of time and keep their appearance for years to come (if properly maintained).

Marble is also considered a hypoallergenic choice for floors. Because of its density, marble tile does not store or accumulate antigens and particles like dust and pollen that can cause allergic reactions. This makes it a more sanitary surface that promotes improved air qualities indoors.

In addition to its durability and health benefits, marble floor tiling stays refreshingly cool during hot summer months.

Where to use marble tiles

Marble can be used in almost any setting and in almost any room. Bathrooms provide an ideal location to add marble tiles, whether for smooth floors or easy-to-clean backsplashes. Foyers, hallways and kitchens also make ideal spots to add this versatile material.

The one place marble should not be used, however, is for kitchen countertops, since it is vulnerable to acidic substances, which are often used in cooking.

Decorative associations

Due to its unique formation process, marble contains vein-like patterns and a vibrant range of colors not typically seen in other natural stones. From ming green to calacatta gold patterns, marble tile comes in wide spectrum of colorful options. This variety of different colors provides enough choices to suit anyone’s interests and tastes. When ordering marble tiles, color variation is the norm, which is more of a benefit than a detriment, since the differences provide each person’s floor with a uniquely tailored tile pattern.

“Artists, artisans and architects have used marble for thousands of years.”

Since artists, artisans and architects have been using marble for thousands of years, the stone comes with an intrinsic aura of artistry and craftsmanship. As a naturally decorative and aesthetic material, marble tiling instantly adds an artistic accent for any home or business.

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