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How to Achieve Different Looks with Rubber Flooring

One of the primary advantages of deciding to go with rubber flooring is the many styles and looks you can create with this modern type of surface. You can find rubber flooring in just about any color imaginable, as well as dozens of patterns and designs that can help you create the look you want in your home. There are many types of aesthetics you can create with rubber flooring, from sprucing up your kitchen with a more modern and vibrant feel, to providing your living room with the visual sophistication of a wood grain pattern, the options are vast. Here are a few suggestions to consider when it comes to creating a distinct look for your room with rubber flooring:

Eye-catching colors

The abundance of color options available for rubber flooring means the look that matches your taste and room’s traits is out there. If you’re trying to create a more stimulating work environment in your at-home office, consider going with a style of blue rubber flooring. A vibrant indigo or dynamically speckled royal blue design will not only illuminate your space, it will help you create a tranquil, less stressful work environment. For an added kick, foam rubber tiles are available with elegant wood grain patterns, even in calming blue tones.

Red rubber flooring comes in a wide variety of intricate patterns and styles.Red rubber flooring comes in a wide variety of intricate patterns and styles.

Blue not your fancy? No problem! Maybe red rubber flooring is more your style. If that’s the case, consider these enticing selections: cherry or brick colored rubber tiles can be ideal for creating a high-energy atmosphere in your home gym, and are extremely easy to install and clean, so you can start working out right away. Homeowners trying to find a style that’s more fun for a child’s playroom can choose multi-colored tiles that cover the spectrum of colors and can be arranged in customized layouts.

Woo with wood

Although authentic wood flooring can’t be installed in every room of the house, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve this look everywhere you want. Luckily, rubber flooring comes in a variety of wood-themed styles that give a room that rich, cultured feel while still possessing all the amenities of rubber. Along with oak and dark walnut colors that offer naturally inspired tones, you can find unique foam rubber flooring tiles that combine upbeat colors with wood grain patterns. These versatile and easy to install options will add texture and natural appeal to any room.

Boost the basement

Rubber flooring works well just about anywhere in your home, but adding this type of surface to your basement can provide many benefits for families, especially those with children. The absorbent, shock-resistant surface means that your little ones can spend hours running around the place without you having to worry about any hard spills or tumbles. Another reason to relish the benefits of a more cushioned floor is the shatter protection that might come in handy. Active kids can mean more opportunities for damage, and having a softer surface is a great way to avoid unfortunate accidents. Combine the safety element of rubber flooring with a stylish environment through kid-friendly options such as bright Bubblegum or Lemon. Not only are these modern designs extremely affordable, but they’re also non-toxic and lead/latex-free, meaning they’re completely child safe.

Underfloor heating

“Never let the subfloor on top of the underfloor heating exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit after rubber flooring is installed.”

Another outstanding perk of rubber flooring is that it can be placed over many different types of already existing surfaces in your home. Underfloor heating is a great way to add warmth and comfort to your home, and you can still place many rubber flooring options on top it, but you’ll need to be aware of a few factors. To begin with, you never want the subfloor on top of the underfloor heating to exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit after rubber flooring is installed. If you’ve recently added rubber flooring over underfloor heating, make sure to keep the heat off for the next two days in order for it to adequately settle in.

Will rubber flooring work for your home’s decor?

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