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Articles and Blog Posts About Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

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For more information on choosing, installing, and taking care of your ceramic and porcelain tile, Build Direct has put together a number of blog posts that will help you achieve your design and installation goals.

Start with the history of ceramic and porcelain tile, and find out why it has been in use for thousands of years all over the world.

Explore the possibility of using porcelain tile for your home or office space, and find out more about why this material is a good long term investment as well as a beautiful option for your design needs.

Discover more about different types of ceramic and porcelain tile, including options that resemble wood flooring but with less upkeep, gorgeous mosaic and patterned tile for small or large rooms, and varying textures that work in different spaces around your home.

Take a look at home design trends that make the use of the best in new tiling technology in every room in your house.

If you’ve decided on tiling your home, find out more about laying out tile, installing your tile effectively, and finishing up your tiling project. If you run into problems such as a damaged tile, we can help.

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  1. I am looking for Dalto 6×12 Ceramic Tile – French Quarter (Spicy Gumbo color).
    This floor tile has been discontinued and I am only needing 2-3 boxes. Does anyone know where I could find any?

  2. Great post about tiles. For building any house we need to be careful in selecting the tiles. You described information on different tiles which is very helpful for choosing to our houses.

    • BuildDirect Product Expert Team

      Hi Freda,

      Thank you for the feedback! We’re glad to hear our article was able to help out!

  3. Metal tiles enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and bathroom. The metal is illuminated with even a small amount of light and makes the room appear bright. It hardly needs touch ups for filling cracks and grouts as compared to ceramic backsplashes, which can hold food leftover and oils in the cracks.

  4. Your post is quite informative, Installing these ceramic tile is that these are extremely realistic and fill your place with natural charm and elegance.

  5. Nice Information shared but what about water leakage surety when we placed ceramic tiles over OSB boards, Manufacturers provide clear installation instructions with cement backer board, but there are a few other important points to guarantee a long-lasting installation. For example, I always like to remove the old flooring material so I can check the subfloor for any water damage. Years of water seeping along the edge of a bathtub or shower can cause areas of rot that need to be repaired.

  6. Has anyone ever used porcelain or ceramic tile in a multipurpose room such as a gym where basketball is played?

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