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Is Carpet Right for Me?

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Carpet is just one of the many flooring choices for a home. When trying to decide whether or not to purchase carpet, it is important to consider design, price, comfort, sustainability, and whether or not it is ideal for the installation location. Taking a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a carpet floor, along with the advantages and disadvantages of carpet flooring, will make the decision easier.

Advantages of Carpet

Carpet comes in a variety of styles, types, and colors, allowing it to easily integrate into any décor. It provides a level of comfort for the feet when it is walked on, and it helps cushion the blow from falls. It is also an excellent noise insulator, so if things fall on the floor, they are less likely to break and will not make a loud noise.

Carpet is the least expensive flooring option for a home, and can still be an excellent investment when properly cared for over time. It serves as an insulator against cold to help keep your home warmer and keep your heating costs down. The carpet fibers can trap allergens and dust in their fibers, which prevents them from being released into the air indoors, thereby improving indoor air quality. For the improved air quality, the carpet must be cleaned and maintained properly on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of Carpet

The biggest disadvantage of carpet is that it must be cleaned more intensively than other flooring types. Though a weekly vacuuming will suffice most of the time, it will leave behind bits of dirt, dust, and other allergens, which can break down the carpet fibers over time. To combat this, the carpet should be shampooed at least once a year, and if highly trafficked, twice a year is even better. Shampooing the carpet can be a hassle and may be costly depending on whether you do-it-yourself or hire a professional, but skipping this cleaning will greatly reduce the life span of the carpet.

Carpet fashions change frequently, meaning the look of a home may become outdated sooner than most people want.

Where Carpet Can Be Installed

Carpet can be installed in any area of the home where water is not an issue. It is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Though carpet can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer, it is not an easy job. Certain specialized tools are required for installation, and those with little to no experience installing carpet should not attempt it on their own. To get the most out of the investment, a professional carpet installer is recommended.

Where Carpet Should Not Be Installed

Carpet should not be installed in any area of the home where water is an issue. Keep carpet out of kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. The water can seep into the fibers and cause issues with mold and mildew. If the carpet gets too wet, it will need to be replaced completely.

Carpet is an excellent flooring choice for those who are opposed to hardwoods for any reason, and it is a cost effective way to change the look of a room.

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