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How to Clean a Pebble Shower Floor

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How do you get a clean pebble shower floor that will shine? This guide will explain how to keep the floor looking squeaky clean.

When it comes to bathroom design, pebble shower floors bring an attractive, rustic touch to your shower space. This unique flooring features a series of smooth pebbles that line the bottom of the shower that feels smooth to the touch. The raised stones offer your feet a massaging effect, and they look beautiful in bathrooms ranging from traditional to modern. If installed correctly, a pebble shower floor can last you for many years.

Make a DIY Cleaner

It’s important that the pebble tiles in your shower were installed correctly and that the grout and pebbles are finished using a quality sealant. If so, this makes cleaning everything much easier. You can determine the current state of any sealer by looking to see if the floor looks “dry” or if it seems to stain easily. If so, consider adding a fresh layer of sealant to keep things looking new. You don’t have to buy expensive cleaning products to get a clean pebble shower floor. In fact, there are plenty of pH-neutral cleaners available that are safe to use. You can also make your own using diluted vinegar by following these steps:

  • Using a clean, empty spray bottle, fill it with 1 part vinegar to 16 parts water.
  • Put the spray nozzle back on the bottle and shake it vigorously to mix everything.
  • Thoroughly spray the surface of your pebble shower floor and allow it to sit on the surface for several minutes. This will lift any soap scum, residue, and hard-water deposits that are lingering.
  • Use a nylon-bristle scrubbing brush and gently scour the pebbles and grout in a circular motion. Make sure you scrub thoroughly and get around the stones as well as in any corners if you want a truly clean pebble shower floor.
  • Turn your shower on and rinse the entire shower floor with warm water until it rinses clean.

If you notice any stubborn stains, you can make a separate cleaner using 1 part hydrochloric acid (hydrogen chloride) to 10 parts water and repeat the process with the scrub brush. If you choose to use this mixture, make sure you wear safety glasses and rubber gloves for protection. Ventilate the room and open any windows, turn on nearby ceiling fans, and use the bathroom fan to keep the air moving.


Protecting Your Pebbles and Sealant

Most pebble shower floors are made of natural stone, so it’s important to practice proper care to keep them protected from damage. Always use soft cloths or sponges when spot cleaning to avoid scratching the stones or damaging the sealant. If you do use an abrasive cleaner, it can strip the sealant away, resulting in damage to the pebbles underneath. After cleaning your pebble shower floor, dry it using a soft towel or a blow dryer. This will help you avoid spots that can stay behind.

Never drag a vacuum over your pebble shower floor, as this can cause harm to the sealant and may even cause visible damage to the pebbles. The real key to a beautiful, long-lasting pebble shower floor is the sealant. Natural stones contain thousands of tiny holes, much like a sponge. They easily absorb liquid which means they can also easily absorb right into the sealant. When a sealant is applied to a pebble shower floor, it can help to keep soap scum and other unsightly residues at bay. Instead of clinging to the pebbles, grime should easily wash right down the drain.

Although sealant plays an important role in maintaining your pebble shower floor, you should try to practice regular maintenance. A quick wipe-down using a soft towel or cloth will help keep excess buildup at bay. As long as you don’t use anything that’s too abrasive, the pebbles and grout should stay nicely sealed for a long period of time.

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Use Steam for a Deep Clean

Dirty grout is unattractive, and it can also become a haven for bacteria. If you want to get a gleaming, clean pebble shower floor, try steam cleaning to keep it looking beautiful. Steam cleaning involves using extremely hot water at an intense pressure that can help to push dirt, grime, and bacteria out of your shower floor. You can think of steam cleanings like pressure washing, which uses water and force to remove dirt and stains. Another perk of steam cleaning is that it’s extremely easy to do, and quite a time-saver since you can cover a large surface in very little time.

Daily cleaning of your pebble shower floor is good, but steam cleaning will give it a deep clean. Since grout is extremely porous, it requires a deeper clean than other flooring surfaces. With occasional steam cleaning, your shower floor will shine and provide you with a more sanitary, healthier environment. Since abrasives are not recommended for pebble shower floors, steam cleaning is a much gentler alternative. It’s highly effective at removing a variety of grime without being harsh. This method will also extend the life of your pebble shower floor and reduce the need to replace pebbles or sealant. For best results, steam clean your pebble shower floor once or twice a year.

With a few simple cleaning methods, you can enjoy a clean pebble shower floor that will bring beauty and functionality to your bathroom. Remember to avoid abrasive cleaners, and practice a few easy maintenance steps to keep your shower sparkling clean.

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