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How to Clean Carpet Tile: Easy Maintenance Tips

Carpet tile is a great flooring option for homeowners who tend to shy away from big DIY projects. With a quick and easy installation process and wide variety of colors and patterns, using carpet tile is an easy way to achieve the look you want for your floor. Once you have your carpet tile installed and ready for foot traffic, there will be certain maintenance measures you’ll need to take to ensure your flooring surface continues to look its best.


An essential component of your maintenance process for carpet tile needs to be regular vacuuming. Any type of carpet will attract dust and other particles, which can easily accumulate and become embedded into the carpet. It’s a good idea to invest in a vacuum that has more powerful suction ability, which may cut down on the amount of time you’ll have to devote to tending to your carpet tile floor.

Carpet stains need to be addressed and cleansed immediately.  Carpet stains need to be addressed and cleaned up immediately.

React quickly

As for any type of floor, the quicker your response time to addressing a spill, the higher chance you’ll have for preventing a stain. First, blot the liquid out with a towel and rinse with clean water. Blot the area again. You also want to make sure that you work the stain from the outside towards the middle, which minimizes the risk of spreading the discoloration. Never scrub at a stain, as this method usually will end up in pressing the spill further into the carpet fibers or soak through to the backing.

Cleaning spills

One of the biggest advantages carpet tiles provide when it comes to cleaning is that you can remove individual tiles in the event of a concentrated spill. If any liquid or residue poured on the surface, you can pull the tile from the floor and immediately head over to the sink for thorough cleaning. For water soluble stains from things like food and cola, try using a cleaning solution made from 1/4 teaspoon of mild detergent and 4 cups of water. Gently scrub the area while simultaneously rinsing with water, and continue washing until all the soap or detergent has been removed. Let the carpet tile dry off on a rack and once it’s ready, place it back into its original location. You can also use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process if need be.

“Most stains can be cleaned using vinegar or non-bleach detergent.”

As for more serious spills, such as coffee or pet accidents, you’ll need to clean the tile off with something stronger. Using mild acids, or even a bottle of vinegar, can usually do the trick. Mix a spray bottle of vinegar so it’s 50 percent diluted with water and spray onto the stain, gently blotting it out with a towel. Repeat the process until the discoloration has been removed. Of course, if a stain has gotten to the point beyond repair, all you have to do is replace the tile to get your floor back to looking as good as new!

Considering cleaning solutions

It’s important to have the right type of cleaning solution handy for whatever type of spill you’re dealing with. The majority of stains, such as beverages, food or mud, can easily be addressed using the blotting method along with applying generic cleaning products such as vinegar or non-bleach detergent. More serious stains may require stronger detergents, like chlorine-based bleach. Before considering bleach-based products, you need to make sure that your carpet tile surface is compatible with these options, otherwise you might be causing further damage to the tiles. Drying off the tiles is a crucial element to caring for your carpet surface, as leaving a cleansed area wet for too long risks exposure to mildew buildup. Even if you haven’t experienced any severe spills, it’s always a good idea to routinely clean carpet tile flooring to ensure it remains in pristine condition.

Do you have any carpet cleaning tips?

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  1. The quicker you respond to a stain, the easier it will come out. I have learned this the hard way through the years. Between puppy accidents and my own spillage, I’ve learned that getting up as much of it as possible is important to keeping your carpet clean. Thanks for sharing!

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