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How to Maintain Your Area Rug

Man Spilling Drink on Carpet

The kids…the dog…a clumsy party guest. Accidents happen. In fact, removal of spots and spills is one of the most crucial areas of rug maintenance. When anything is dropped or spilled, quick response with the proper cleaning material can save the day…and your rug! By maintaining a simple maintenance program that includes regular, interim, and periodic cleanings you can keep your rug looking its best.

Regular Maintenance

The simplest and most frequent maintenance involves vacuuming and spot removal, as well as preventive measures.


•  Regular and thorough vacuuming once a week (more often in heavy traffic areas) is an economical and effective way to remove soil and dirt particles before they become embedded into the pile of the rug. When vacuuming, be careful not to catch the fringe in the cleaner. This can cause separation of the weaving behind the fringe or even damage the rug.

Spot Cleaning

•  No rug is stain proof. Regardless of whether your rug is made of wool or polypropylene, it is important to respond quickly to spills.

•  However, if you own a wool rug you need to make sure the cleaning product you use is wool safe.

Wools of New Zealand

•  A marketing organization that promotes the use of New Zealand wool, provides the following expert advice on cleaning wool rugs. These steps also work well on rugs of other fibers.

•  Blot up liquids with white paper towels or absorbent cloth; scoop up solids with the end of a knife or spoon.

•  Treat the spot according to the cleaning instruction chart below.

•  Apply spot removal agent to clean towel or cloth, not directly to the spot. Use small quantities at a time. Always work inwards from the edge to prevent spreading. Do not rub, as this may cause the spot to spread or distort the pile. Do not over-wet the carpet pile.

•  Afterwards, blot as dry as possible with clean towel


•  Some chemicals are hazardous (corrosive, flammable, toxic, etc.) and should be used with great care, strictly in accordance with their use and safety instructions.

•  DO NOT apply stain repellent treatments that contain any silicone because they tend to accelerate rug soiling.

•  Always pre-test a cleaning agent in an inconspicuous place, such as under a piece of furniture or in the corner of the room, to insure that it does not remove color.

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