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Marble Tile Design Ideas

With so many sizes, colors and finishes to choose from, picking the right marble tile for your interior design project can be overwhelming. The aesthetic features contribute to creating a thematic aura and can make or break an entire room. For example, a wall done with beige and green split face marble would probably look out of place in a home with stainless steel features and a black-and-white color scheme. However, it could be the perfect fit for a home with wooden furniture and a more rustic feel.

“Picking the right marble tile color and finish can be overwhelming.”

Since marble is such a high-end and durable investment, you’ll want to make the right choice first, so you’re not replacing the tiles in a couple years due to clashing decor. Here are options that can help you decide which type of marble tile works best for you:

A full spectrum of colors

Not only is marble one of the most versatile building materials, it’s also one of the most colorfully diverse ones. From earthy, neutral tones to vibrant hues, there’s sure to be an option that matches your specific taste. The stone’s natural veining patterns provide tones to offset and highlight color combinations while also giving each tile a unique appearance.

Multiple colors can be combined for complementary customization, or you can use a single color to have consistency across an otherwise diverse spectrum. However, because marble is a natural stone, no two tiles will look exactly the same.

Numerous geometric layouts

While the traditional square and rectangle shapes are perhaps the most well-known formats of marble tile, others are available as well, including circular, hexagonal and octagonal.

You can take advantage of mixing and combining various shapes to create unique and artistic patterns. Alternating between big rectangles and smaller squares can give the tiling a basket woven appearance, while meticulously arranged rectangles can either have a bamboo blend style or a herringbone pattern.


Marble’s various colors and vein patterns can provide countless unique tiling combinations.

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, marble’s variety of colors and shapes allows you to create detailed and complex patterns. This can include star​bursts, spirals or hopscotch patterns as well as any number of interlocking and labyrinthine borders.

Accenting a room’s decor

The room you’re renovating with marble tile will most likely already have a particular look and theme, not to mention furniture and fixtures. You can utilize marble to accentuate a room’s current decor. Whether used in a bathroom for backsplashes or shower inlays, marble tiles add a decorative feature that will brighten up any room. And with its versatile colors and shape options, there’s barely a place where you can’t fit in some stylish marble tiles.

In addition to its versatility to complement a room’s decor, you can use marble to add a textural variation to offset glass, wood and ceramic surfaces in a bathroom or kitchen.

The sheer variety of colors and shapes at your disposal makes it not only fun, but also easy to create unique and artistic designs with marble tiles.

Does marble tile work with your interior decor scheme?

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  1. My husband and I have been wanting to get some new flooring done in our kitchen and we really want to look into tile flooring. We currently have hardwood but it would be nice to have a big change. We aren’t really sure what material or pattern that we want to use but marble is high up on our list. I love the variety of designs that come with it so we will have to do some looking around and research. Thanks for sharing!

    • BuildDirect Product Expert Team - Reply

      Hi Avery,

      Thank you for getting in touch, we’re glad you enjoyed our article! Please let us know if you need any assistance choosing tile that would work best in your area. We’re here to help!

  2. All your post provides useful information about various flooring. as I have worked with various flooring organisations such information improves my knowledge.

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