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How to Deal With Pet Urine And Pet Spills On Your Hardwood Floor

Cleaning up after a dog or cat is an everyday activity for responsible pet owners. Now, with the inclusion of a solid hardwood floor in your home, pet owners have an additional reason to be aware of any “accidents” which occur as a result of excited, or untrained, pets. The best strategy to protect your hardwood floors from pet damage is to be proactive and vigilant.

dog beagle on wood floor

What to do about pet urine on your hardwood floor

If you are allowing an untrained or excitable pet in an area where hardwood floors are installed, assume that there will be some mess, and be on the lookout for liquids.

The methods for removing urine from hardwood floors can range from simple to more complex, depending on when you’ve spotted the mess. Regardless of the situation, quick action when accidents occur is the best approach you can take. Urine is a tough substance to remove if it is allowed to stand on your hardwood for a long period of time. It is acidic and contains insoluble salt crystals, which are one of the main compounds that lead to stubborn stains. The salt crystals bind themselves to the surface of the floor, and even if the initial stain is removed, the odor and remnants of the stain can re-appear.

Apart from being aware of your pet’s little accidents, and keeping a mop handy for such an event, there are several products available that can help keep urine from staining your hardwood floor’s surface. Seek advice from local pet store retailers or DIY specialists in your area as to which stain and odor removing product is most applicable to your situation and always follow the instructions as indicated by the manufacturers on any products you buy. Prepare yourself by having your chosen product on hand to allow for immediate action if and when accidents occur.

Preventing Water Dish Damage

It is also important to protect your solid hardwood floors from spillage caused by your pet’s water dish, an occurrence which is fairly common and can have a negative long-term effects. As a preventative measure, it is a good idea to put mats under your pet’s water dish to protect your hardwood floors from direct contact with water spills. Even then, it is important that the mat be allowed to dry from time to time to keep any moisture soaked into the mat away from the hardwood floor’s surface.

For an additional level of safety where spills are concerned, consider using spill-proof water dishes (dishes that feature broad, more stable bases, or even ones that come with stands). Keeping any moisture sources away from your hardwood floors is very important for its health and appearance.

Other valuable sources of information for controlling pet urine and water dish spills are your vet and your local pet store retailer. Armed with knowledge, you can enjoy your beautiful hardwood floors, without any hard feelings between you and your furry pals!

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