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Vinyl Floor Inspiration Ideas

Vinyl flooring is long-lasting and water-resistant, but most importantly, it comes in a variety of looks and styles. As you revamp your living space, take a look at these ideas sure to provide you with inspiration and direction:

Whole house

Many homeowners love the look of hardwood flooring. The various options and stains available make for a classic finish that can pull a home together. However, most hardwood should not be installed in below-grade locations like basements, which is where vinyl plank flooring comes in. This material is easy to keep in good shape, but it mimics the appearance of hardwood. In fact, you can pick vinyl plank flooring for your home that looks like oak, hickory, walnut, aspen, etc. No matter what wood you love, you can choose a vinyl version for your home.

Design tips: When choosing vinyl plank flooring, you’ll need to consider more than the wood type you’ll copy. The width of each tile matters too. Classic homes that have wood floors generally feature boards with thin widths. More modern vinyl tile options feature a wider board. You can pick either option in vinyl to give your home a classic or contemporary feel.

Additionally, you can match vinyl wood patterns to colors already in your home, or you can contrast shades. For instance, if you have white cabinets in the kitchen, picking a dark vinyl will cause both to pop.

Create a stunning entryway or lovely kitchen by choosing vinyl flooring.


Walking in from the outdoors, you want to be welcomed by a floor that can withstand your wet shoes. As we mentioned, most types of vinyl flooring are water-resistant, which means any look you choose will stand up to snow or rain boots. However, why not take a design cue from homes without the durable material? A stone or tile facade will give your foyer or bathroom (another water-prone space) that traditional feel. Not only that, but stone-inspired vinyl can look luxurious, perfect for making a grand entrance or giving you a spa-like bathroom.

Design tips: Research stone you like before picking out a vinyl version. For instance, if you’re drawn to marble, you may decide to pick vinyl flooring with that same appearance. The best part? Vinyl is far more affordable than real marble (and many other stone types) and easier to install.

“Whether you pick a vinyl floor that looks like stone, tile or wood, you can contrast the color with your kitchen cabinets.”


Sometimes you spill in the kitchen, that’s just how it goes. However, that means you need a floor that will stand up to wine, food and the occasionally dropped cup. Vinyl flooring is stain-resistant and many options are felt-backed. That means that after you install your floor, it has more give than other flooring options. When you drop a mug, it may stay intact. Beyond cushion and stain fighting, you want style for your kitchen. Most homeowners prefer tile, stone or wood for their food-preparation space.

Design tips: Whether you pick a vinyl floor that looks like stone, tile or wood, you can contrast the color with your kitchen cabinets (like we hinted above). This adds visual interest to your space. You can also create a retro or modern look, depending on your personal tastes. Wide-cut stone-like tiles make for an up-to-date kitchen while checkered tiles are vintage and eclectic.

Additional tips

  • Your flooring is a reflection of your style, so pick colors and materials you like.
  • Have fun with your vinyl – you can create patterns or a sleek environment.
  • Coordinate your vinyl flooring with the rest of the designs in your home.
  • Find images of spaces you like and note why you like them – you can even pull some elements of your favorite images and put them into your house.
  • Don’t forget budget – vinyl is more affordable than many other materials, but not all patterns and looks are the same cost.

With all the options available in vinyl flooring, you’re sure to create your dream house – you just have to narrow down your ideas first!

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  1. I had no idea that you could get vinyl decking that looks like hardwood flooring. I think another good idea for vinyl flooring is to use it for your deck since it’s waterproof and doesn’t have splinters like wood. Thanks for the information and ideas about what you can do with vinyl flooring.

  2. I like your idea about using creative patterns with my vinyl flooring. I really like the look of wood. It is amazing that vinyl flooring can look so much like a real wood floor. Being able to save a little on the budget is great as well!

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