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Where to Install Marble Tile

From its sophisticated beauty to its renowned radiance, marble tile has long been associated with trendy and lavish homes. Installing marble tile flooring can make a statement in your house, but there are some interior spaces that are better suited to this surface than others. Whether you want to accentuate your kitchen or add a glossy sheen to your bathroom floor, here are some of the best places you can install marble tile in your home:


Marble tile is a continually popular flooring choice for kitchens, as this surface offers a vibrant, high-end look for cooking and dining areas. The smooth and shiny feel of this natural stone can make any kitchen floor look more elegant. While a number of homeowners and designers choose to install marble in other locations beyond the floor, it’s suggested to use caution when considering marble tile for your countertops because it may require more maintenance. This is due to marble tile’s porous characteristics, which make it more susceptible to staining than other materials like granite or quartz. As for flooring, arguably no other type of material can light up a kitchen quite like marble tile.

Marble can make any kitchen look grand and sophisticated. Marble can make any kitchen look grand and sophisticated.


Whether it’s being used as flooring or as a shower surround, one of the main reasons marble tile is a respected option for bathroom installations is its longevity. Once you’ve properly installed and sealed marble tile in the bathroom, you can put your mind at ease knowing that this type of surface can essentially last you forever (if maintained properly). Plus, to put it simply, marble tile is an ideal way to transform your bathroom from predictable to unforgettable. From using carrara white marble to illuminate your space, to installing intricately veined earth toned options, marble tile will spruce up any bathroom with its natural sophistication.


First impressions are everything when welcoming new visitors to your home. What better way to introduce your space than with marble tile flooring in your front entryway? Dazzle onlookers with an intricate checkered marble tile floor, or accompany your spiral staircase with a polished, cream colored surface.

“Order some samples of the marble tiles you’re considering before installation.”


Hallways are often the most overlooked areas in a house. Once you add marble tile flooring to these areas, you’ll certainly change them from just being an area between rooms to an essential element of your home’s overall design scheme. Before you decide on which style to go with, it’s always a good idea to order a couple of samples of the marble tiles you’re considering for your hallway to get a better idea as to how it will complement the rest of your home’s decor.

Is marble tile the right natural stone for your renovation?

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