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3 Simple DIY Home Improvements

DIY projects

Looking for some simple DIY projects that you can do to prepare your home for summer? You can do the following three home improvement projects in a couple afternoons. Get your house ready for summer so that you can spend time enjoying your handiwork. We’ll walk you through some of the basics of these projects — ideal for any DIY beginner.

Touch Up Old Paint

touch up old paint

Image via Flickr by eMaringolo

The paint you put on the family room wall five years ago has slowly been fading, but you’ve put off repainting because of how long you think the process will take. Have no fear: Grab the paintbrush and get to painting.

Painting is one of the easiest ways to refresh the walls of your house. You can paint an entire wall a new color to get a fresher look and change the vibe of the room. If you’ve been wanting new kitchen cabinets but can’t afford them, painting them is an inexpensive way to refresh the look of your cabinets.

To get started, visit your local hardware store and pick the paint color you want, as well as a primer. Prep the area first by covering carpets or floors, taping drop cloths and painting paper carefully around trim or any part you don’t want to paint.

Apply a coat of primer thoroughly, then apply two to three coats of color until you achieve your desired effect. Start from the top of the wall, moving down the wall to prevent streaks. When you’re happy with your work, put the lid firmly on the can to prevent the paint from drying out.

Refresh Your Bathroom Decor

Bathroom decor

Having a redecorated bathroom will make getting ready for your day more enjoyable, but many people put off redecorating, thinking that improvements will take forever or that they can’t do it all on their own. Redecorating your bathroom is something you can do; a few touches will make you feel like you have a new bathroom.

Before you start, think about what goals you have in mind for your bathroom. Do you want to change the color, create more space, or change the decor? If the current color of your bathroom walls bores you, buy some water-resistant paint and start painting — after all, considering all the moisture that bathrooms accumulate, you’ll want paint that can handle water and humidity. Make sure to tape or cover all faucets and counters, as well as the sink, bathtub, and toilet, to prevent paint spatters.

Another way to redo your bathroom is to change your shower curtain. Spruce up your shower curtain by sewing on brightly colored fabric to make your shower curtain pop. You can place the fabric on the bottom or all the way across the curtain, depending on how much you want your fabric to stand out.

Redesign Your Lawn

redesign your lawn

Image via Flickr by kkmarais

Are you eyeing your lackluster lawn without any idea of how to spruce it up? The first step is to spend a little time taking out any weeds and removing last season’s spent annuals if you didn’t tackle both chores last fall. Be sure to mow your lawn as well.

An easy way to create a lush look is to get a variety of planters to place around the yard. Container plantings are an inexpensive way to fill the yard with plant color and material and draw someone’s eye to the beautiful foliage. Choose a variety of plants in different shapes — as cascading, vertical, horizontal — to achieve a more natural look.

Evergreens and shrubs can be used to provide privacy around decks or front porches. Smaller plants are good for decoration. Whatever size of planter you have, make sure you have drainage holes for water to run through to prevent plant roots from rotting.

Another way to add some zest to your yard is by adding accessories. Stepping stones can add a simple elegance to your yard and will keep people on a path without trampling your yard. Purchase a few accessories at your local hardware store. While you’re visiting, see what other accessories you prefer for your yard. Stand-up lanterns can be a nice touch to line the edge of the driveway and light the path to your house.

Planting perennials are great for people who don’t like yard work or who want a low-maintenance garden plan, as perennial plants grow year after year with minimum maintenance. Perennials may be slightly more expensive than other flowers, but they’re worth the investment. If you prepare your yard this season and maintain it throughout the summer, you’ll have much less work to do this time next year.

Do you have any other ideas for easy DIY projects? Share them in the comments section.

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