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From Boring to Chic: Tips to Transform Your Bedroom

transform your bedroom
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The bedroom may be primarily for sleeping, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected as a design space. Eliminating the lackluster elements of your bedroom is easier than you think. A few well-placed DIY projects will have the space looking brighter and more chic in the space of a weekend. If you’re feeling a little bored by its decor, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and transform your bedroom.

4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Bedroom

Splash on New Paint

One of the main culprits of a boring bedroom is the wall color. Many people default to white or beige on the walls. It doesn’t require much thought, but it also doesn’t include much personality, either. So, change up those walls if you want to improve your bedroom. You aren’t limited to repainting all the walls a single color. Painting one wall a different, bold color is the most popular way to create an accent wall. You can also use stencils or wallpaper to make the perfect accent wall for a new, chic bedroom.


Add Some Light Sources

Rooms without proper lighting tend to look dreary and boring. You may not think your bedroom needs much light (after all, you mostly sleep while you’re in there) but a lack of light sources is probably contributing to your bedroom’s lackluster appearance. Light sources are a great way to spruce up a shabby room because they can double as accent pieces. A new floor lamp in a cool design becomes an eye-catching accent. String lights look ethereal and creative and add a fairytale feel when the rest of the lights are off.

Texturize the Accessories

The things you might already keep in your bedroom have the potential to add texture to the space with little effort on your part. For example, the way you display your books can change everything. Wall shelves or bookends are easy ways to add texture to your books and interesting shapes to your walls. Frame and hang your pictures in geometric patterns on one wall, or create a collage of different picture frames in a cluster above your bed. New curtains add length to your walls and new patterns to your room.


Move in on Accent Furniture

Bedroom furniture tends to be relatively boring, especially if it comes in a set. Most people think of accent pieces as decor that belongs in living areas of the house, but a stellar bed frame or wardrobe is a great place to start the ideas rolling for a bedroom renovation. If you aren’t in the market to buy new furniture, painting and repurposing existing furniture is another smart way to spruce up the bedroom and create accent pieces. Get creative with color and texture to brighten your bedroom.

Try a few new DIY projects to transform your bedroom into something more exciting. It may not be as on display as the rest of your home, but it can still show your personality and your creativity. Your bedroom is for sleeping. That doesn’t mean its decor has to put you to sleep.

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