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Making Secretly Inexpensive Curtain Rods: A DIY Project

When you’re renovating your bedroom, every piece you change impacts the overall decor. The problem you face is that your budget might not allow you to splurge everywhere. Saving money without cutting corners on design is something you can do if you know how. Here’s a guide to making secretly inexpensive curtain rods.

inexpensive curtain rods

The Custom Curtain Rod

One of the hidden expenses of bedroom renovations is the custom curtain rod. Given their size and what they add to the home, their price isn’t right for most budgets. Even standard retail rods aren’t cheap, and you might need to purchase several of them to support your new curtains.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to build your own support apparatus today. You have the ability to craft viable homemade solutions out of creative materials like copper pipes, PVC tubing, and wooden dowels. The key is to understand what you need and why you need it. The most important factor is the weight of your curtains. You’ll need to choose and design curtain rods capable of supporting that weight. Otherwise, you’ll expend a lot of energy only for the exercise to end in frustration.

Finding the Right Supplies for Inexpensive Curtain Rods

You’ll want to purchase several items to build your curtain rods. Let’s focus on using dowels as your rods, so you’ll also need finials and curtain brackets, too. The amount you need depends entirely on how many rods you’re making. While you want to avoid wasting money on extras, you may need more at the start if you’re not a DIY enthusiast. You may ruin one or two during your initial attempt. You’ll also want a hammer, paint, nails, measuring tape, and a level. If you prefer, you can use a drill or screwdriver along with nails.


Choosing the Right Finial

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a finial is the ornament that will define your curtain rod. It’s the exterior part people will notice once you’re done. As such, it’s imperative that you select something distinctive. Your finial should complement your curtains without distracting from them. The only exception to this is if you’re buying inexpensive curtains and want that distraction. In this case, you should buy the most ostentatious finials you can afford.

Finishing Your Curtain Rod

The first thing to do is pick the color you want to use to match your rods with your drapes. Once you’ve made your choice, paint the finials, brackets, and rods to suit your needs. Spray painting is fine, since most people won’t pay close attention to curtain rods.

After that, you have to measure to determine where to place the brackets. Again, make sure that the distance is sufficient to support the length as well as the weight of the drapes. Use a level to guarantee that you won’t accidentally hang the curtains at a tilt. Then hammer, screw, or drill in the support devices, and you’re ready to add the rod that turns the entire piece into a DIY curtain rod.

Building your own curtain rod ensures that you’ll have a unique piece to pull together your renovated bedroom. Better yet, it’ll save you a lot of money. Simply follow the steps above to build your novelty curtain rod.

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