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Combo Room: Guest Bedroom Home Office

While it’s great to have a guest bedroom when company comes to visit, it can also feel like wasted space when you only use it a few times a year. However, with more and more people working from home, having a home office is becoming a necessity. This is why combining the guest room and home office into one space is such a good idea.

Guest room home office

Planning a Combination Guest Bedroom Home Office

Use Your Space Wisely

Even though you have one room that will serve two purposes, that doesn’t mean you have to divide the space evenly. Instead, it’s a better idea to split up the space according to which function will get used more often. If you only have guests a few times a year, your room should be geared more towards an office area. However, if you only use your office to pay bills once a month, choose furniture that will suit your guests better.

Don’t Choose a Full-Size Bed

A full-size bed is nice, but it takes up valuable space in the room. Instead, opt for a bed that either tucks away or pulls double duty as another piece of furniture. A Murphy bed can fold down at night for a comfortable sleeping space, and then fold back up during the day so you get that space back. Another convenient option is a sleeper sofa, which offers convenient seating during the day, and then folds out for a great place to sleep at night.

Provide Plenty of Storage

Extra storage space is important for both your guests and your own office needs. Shelves are a perfect solution for a combination room. When you’re using the room as an office, these shelves can hold supplies and equipment. When guests are coming over, you can simply clear off the shelves for your guests to use. If you must have a full-size bed in your room, consider unique storage solutions like a bed with built-in storage underneath.

Consider Multipurpose Pieces

Select multipurpose furniture that you can easily move around to transform your room. For example, floor lamps can be moved next to the bed to provide reading light when guests are staying. When you’re working in the office, you can move them over to the desk. Another option is to have end tables that also work as nightstands.

An Armoire Can Hold Office Equipment

Certain manufacturers make armoires specifically to hide office equipment when it’s not in use. However, you can also customize a regular armoire to do the same job. Simply adjust the shelves to the ideal height to suit your needs. Then drill a small hole in the back to feed through any power cords and additional cables. Include a small desk lamp inside and you’ll have the perfect spot to get work done. When guests come over, just close the armoire doors and they don’t have to see your office equipment.

Combining a guest room and office into one space lets you make the most out of every room in your house. Keep these tips in mind to easily create this combination room.

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