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White Bedroom Color Scheme Inspiration

Out of all the colors, white is one of the most popular decorating choices. Despite the limitless options in the palette, people stick with white because it’s considered dignified and timeless. Plus, it matches almost everything. The only problem is that there are countless shades of white. Here’s a guide on choosing among the various shades of white for your bedroom.

5 Shades of White From Benjamin Moore to Consider for the Bedroom

White Dove

50 Shades of White
Image via Flickr by Wicker Paradise

Even when you know that you want a white bedroom, determining the best shade can be challenging. The first choice to make is whether you want white or off-white for your backdrop. While picking, consider the space where you’ll paint.

White Dove is extremely popular for mantles and shelves because its cream color adds an understated tone. A bit of yellow and a touch of gray combine to give it a yellow tinge. The subtle shade explains why experts consider this color the universal donor of white paint. You might even think about using it for your bedding.

Cloud White

The allure of white coloring is that it sets a warm tone for a room. Cloud White is ideal in this regard because it’s such a soft shade. It’s actually a bit brighter than White Dove, which means you’re likely to choose it while looking at swatches. You’ll discover the more popular color doesn’t have enough oomph, so Cloud White becomes the perfect step up in terms of splash. It’s one of the most popular non-yellow whites.

Cotton Balls

This is a popular choice for an obvious reason. It’s easy to visualize when painting a bedroom. Everyone knows the color of cotton balls. Plus, the color of Cotton Balls is one of the finest choices when you need a distinct off-white shade. It exudes tranquility while still providing the right accent notes for certain spaces.

Ivory White

Only a handful of white shades are classic in style and tone. Ivory White is one of the select few. Since ivory is most often associated with elephant tusks, it’s an easily recognizable shade.

Ivory White is off-white in tone, and it shares some similarity with Cloud White. They each have a yellow tinge to them, although ivory is a bit severe by comparison. Still, when you paint all the walls with this shade, it’ll feel so serene that you’ll aim to spend more time in your bedroom than your living room.

Simply White

Are you trying to create the most stunning bedroom setting? If so, you want a white paint that sparkles. Simply White is a perfect option because it’s intensely bright. This shade is one of the purest forms of white you can paint your bedroom. The only downside is that it’s brighter by nature than off-white, and that brightness might keep you up at night. Plus, it doesn’t blend well with dark colors. You’ll have to make some concessions if you choose Simply White.

Picking the perfect shade of white when looking at bedroom ideas always comes down to personal preference. Grab a swatch and compare all the options above. You’re sure to find the perfect color for your bedroom design.

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