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Christmas Decor Ideas: The Dining Room

Carving the turkey, toasting to the future, pulling crackers with the kids. The dining room is the place where you make Christmas memories, so it’s important that this special place gets a makeover befitting the holidays. These easy ideas for decorating your home can make your dining room picture-perfect this Christmas.

String Some Lights

Christmas lights don’t just belong on your tree. They can also really dress up a dining room at Christmastime. You could string some lights along your dining room walls, like bunting, or wrap the lights around hanging mirrors or frames. A bunch of fairy lights inside a large vase makes a fuss-free table centrepiece. A Christmas wreath or garland wrapped with fairy lights also looks striking hanging over a dining table.

Strings of plain white lights have a timeless elegance, but if you want a more playful feel don’t be afraid to experiment with colored lights.

Lay Out Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decor Ideas for your dining room

Image via Flickr by Josh Meek

Your favorite Christmas decorations can also look wonderful on your dining room table. Baubles look beautiful scattered along a table runner or in a large glass bowl as a centrepiece. You could choose baubles in just a couple of complimentary colors, like silver and gold or red and green, or really brighten up your table with bright rainbow hues.

Decorate with Natural Elements

It’s too cold to enjoy alfresco dining during a Northern Hemisphere Christmas, but you can create a similar ambience by decorating with natural elements. Tying pine and eucalyptus springs to the back of your dining room chairs, sitting potted Christmas flowers or pine cones on the table, or hanging bunches of berries or wreaths on the walls can fill your dining room with enticing winter scents. Bringing the outside in is one of the most affordable dining room ideas for the holidays — and also one of the most beautiful.

Put Up a Christmas Tree

Christmas Decor Ideas for your dining room

Image via Flickr by Adam Kahtava

There’s no Christmas home decoration rule that says you’re limited to just one tree. More American homes are investing in two trees: one for the living room to open presents around and another to add a festive feel to their dining room. Decorate it with your favorite ornaments and string it with lights, just as you would your regular tree. If you’re worried about the needles dropping everywhere, take a look at the range of artificial trees available in department stores. Modern artificial trees look so realistic, and you can reuse them year after year.

Break Out the Good Stuff

Christmas is the time to break out your best tableware. Lay your table with a beautiful neutral tablecloth (something in red or gold is perfect for the season), and add linen tablecloths and napkins over the top. Layering the fabrics will make your seasonal table look much richer and more festive. Don’t skimp on the details, either. Taking time to press all your linens will make your table appear much more refined. Add your best cutlery, glassware, and china, gather your family members or friends around, and you’re ready to enjoy the festivities.

With these easy Christmas decoration ideas, it’s easy to turn your ordinary dining room into a festive vision for your holiday feast.

Share your own Christmas decoration ideas below in the comments section.

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