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Christmas Decor Ideas: The Entryway

The entryway is the first thing your guests see when they enter your home. Make it warm and inviting this season by trying out one of these entryway Christmas decor ideas.

entryway christmas decor

Entryway Christmas Decor Ideas

A Modern Twist on a Classic Decoration

paper bag lantern

Light the way up to your entryway with the classic look of luminaries. This timeless Christmas home decoration is incredibly simple and affordable to make on your own. Just take some white paper bags and fill the bottom with sand to prevent them from blowing away. Then arrange them up your walkway and place a battery-operated candle inside each one for an inviting entrance to your home. You can even use a hole punch to create beautiful snowflake designs or other fun patterns on the paper bags.

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

advent calendar

If you have a wall right inside your entryway, you have the perfect spot for an advent calendar to help your guests count down until the big day. Simply use a picture frame, cork board or decorastive branch. Then take holiday note cards or paper bags with gifts and number them from 1 to 25. Tie some ribbon around your note cards so they can hang from the branch or pushpins in the cork board. Your guests will love the countdown and enjoy flipping over a new card every day.

Consider Different Ways to Display Ornaments

entryway christmas decor ornaments

Add some fun and festive cheer to any table you have inside your entryway by creating some unique Christmas decorations with ornaments. One idea is to take apothecary jars in different sizes and fill them with ornaments. You can either mix colors in each jar, or fill each jar with one color. Another whimsical decorating idea is taking a cake stand and creating an ornament sculpture on it. Simply stack ornaments on top of each other to form a pyramid shape on top of a cake stand and use double-sided tape to keep them together.

Double the Wreaths

two wreaths

If you have double doors at your entryway you could hang one wreath on each door. Or, you could welcome guests with a playful two-piece wreath. To make your own, take a sturdy wreath and cut it in half lengthwise using wire clippers. You can either leave it plain or use florist wire to attach ribbons, ornaments, or fruits. Hang one half of the wreath on each door so that when you close the doors, they meet in the middle.

Wrap Your Columns in Garlands

column garlands

If you have columns in the front of your house, wrapping them in garlands is a great way to make them stand out and add some Christmas cheer to your entryway. If you’d like to wrap lights around your columns, garlands are also a great way to hide the wires and create a seamless look.

Whether your entryway is big or small, you can incorporate a few of these decorating home ideas to create a warm and welcoming place to greet all of your guests.

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