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Exterior Christmas Decor Ideas

During the holidays, you’ll likely have more people visiting your home than at any other time of the year. Your home’s first impression starts before your guests ever cross the threshold, so it’s important to ensure you’re making a good impression with tasteful holiday decorations. Choose the perfect decorations for your home by considering both classic and trendy exterior Christmas decor options.

exterior christmas decor

5 Exterior Christmas Decor Ideas

Return to Classic Lights

entryway christmas decor

With so many decoration options, it’s easy for a yard to go from cheerful to cluttered. That’s why an emerging trend in Christmas lights is to return to classic looks that never wear out. Simple white lights are a wonderful timeless option. Or, go retro with oversized multicolored strands. When thinking about how to hang Christmas lights, focus on the main architectural points of your home and your porch, and highlight those with your light strands. You don’t need a huge mass of lights to make a bright impression.

Spruce up the Front Door

two wreaths

Sometimes decorating simply is the best way to go. Add tasteful Christmas cheer to your home’s exterior by hanging a wreath on your front door. You can buy a pre-made wreath, or head to your favorite craft store for a wire frame and all the accessories you need to craft a fun DIY wreath project. Enhance the look by putting smaller, matching wreaths in your downstairs windows.

Illuminate Your Walkway

exterior Christmas decor path lights

Festive walkway lights are a simple way to give your front yard holiday spirit. If you already have an illuminated walkway, change the lightbulbs to red and green. Consider getting solar-powered Christmas lights that you can stick in the ground at intervals down your walkway. Colored lights will give your front yard a festive appeal.

Create Shadows for a New Look

christmas wall shadows

One of the newest trends in decorating home ideas is creating shadows on the walls of your house. This works best on light-colored homes with long stretches of bare outdoor walls. Buy or make small wood cut outs of your favorite Christmas shapes, like angels, Christmas trees, stars, or snowmen. Then install flood lights angled at the side of your house, and place the cut out in front of the light. When you turn on the lights, your shapes will create large festive shadows on the sides of your home.

Ornaments: Not Just for Indoors

outdoor christmas ornaments

Another popular trend in outdoor Christmas decorations is oversized ornaments. Hanging ornaments among your Christmas lights is a clever way to keep your yard festive both day and night. Large ornaments look beautiful hung in bare deciduous tree branches in your front yard. They also make wonderful porch accessories, whether you hang them from the ceiling of the porch or from the bannister.

Creating the perfect outdoor Christmas display is all about minimalism. Don’t go all-out. Instead, choose a few exterior Christmas decor elements that enhance your home’s appearance and bring festivity to your front yard. A tasteful display is the best way to share your holiday cheer with your neighbors and your guests.

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