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Christmas Decor Ideas: The Living Room

A certain song demands that you deck the halls. It misses the point, though. Your living room is the place where holiday decorations are most important! That’s where you’ll host all your Christmas parties for friends and family. Here are a few suggestions for the best living room Christmas decor.

living room christmas decor

4 Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas

Glass Jars

Christmas Decor Ideas for your living room
Image via Flickr by Walt Stoneburner

These are readily available. In fact, people who plan for Christmas decorations throughout the year will wind up with more than they need. Once you’re ready to build your yuletide backdrop, your jars can provide a gorgeous glow. You’ll want to spray a bit of water inside the jars then use looking-glass spray paint.  Finally, place candles of different colors inside if you want a divergent backlight. If you prefer symmetry, choose ones with the same design.

Lighting the Way

lights living room christmas decor

Everyone thinks they know how to hang Christmas lights, but you can still deliver some surprising results using basic techniques. Pick your favorite spot in your living room, preferably around a fireplace or a mantle. Take a dozen sets of lights and hang them vertically, side by side in this space. Now, step back and appreciate the fact that your twinkling lights have enhanced an already beautiful space by adding a striking illuminating effect. This tip isn’t just for the holidays, either. When you want a romantic setting, the same tactic works wonderfully.

Fake Gift Boxes

fake gift boxes

Nothing reminds people of Christmas like presents. Those childhood memories of anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival linger well into adulthood. You can reinforce those sensations with a simple design trick. Purchase a bunch of rectangular gift boxes. By buying in bulk, you should be able to get them cheap. Then, color them to match the interior of your living room. Throw in a set of giant bows, and scatter the “presents” throughout the entire space. Everyone will feel like Santa gave them lifetime membership to the Nice List.

Specialty Trees

So many people decorate their living room with a single giant tree that serves as the centerpiece of the room. Have you ever considered how much fun it is to decorate a bunch of little trees, though? By taking this approach, you can add themes to the trees such as Disney characters, religious overtones, or family memories. Every tree means a fresh batch of ornaments and an entirely new creative outlet.

Decorating for the holidays is one of the most exciting parts of the year. Relish in the opportunity by following the suggestions above. You’ll impress everyone who visits.

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