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How to Keep Your Feet Warm in the Winter

The main reason that your feet become so cold in the winter is scientific. The receptors in your body automatically restrict the flow of blood to your skin. The why of it doesn’t help you, though. All that matters is that you’ve got cold feet. Here’s a guide on keeping them warm during winter.

Pick the Right Socks

Socks can help keep your feet warm

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You’re making a rookie mistake if you think that simply wearing socks will solve the problem. That’s just not true. People who wear socks that are too thick do more harm than good.  A similar issue exists with high-binding socks. In both situations, you might cut off the circulation to your feet, magnifying the problem. That’s why medical suppliers sell loose-fitting socks with appropriate material.

The socks you choose should possess normal dimensions. The trick is to select ones with extra padding and bulk. That way, your blood circulation is optimal, but your feet enjoy the proper conditions to warm quickly and comfortably.

Think about Fabrics

The material also matters when making your choice. Cotton socks are the most popular sellers, but you should avoid them during cold months. They can decrease the warmth of your feet. Instead, choose fabrics like fleece and IsoWool. They do a better job in providing thermal support. Wool is an especially good choice if you spend a lot of time in the elements. This material rejects and absorbs water, so it’s perfect for snow and rain.

Fuzzy Boots Are Great

Novelty slippers and fuzzy boots are always popular presents during the holiday season. The reason why is that they are a wonderful combination of comfortable and warm. People who add that extra layer of material on their feet aren’t restricting blood flow, but they are adding a natural heating element because of the warm fabric. Plus, boots and slippers are fun to wear, which isn’t true of a lot of regular clothing.

Something you must consider with such footwear is sizing. Make certain that the boots or slippers you wear are loose enough that you can wiggle your toes. Anything more restrictive than that can cause you to suffer from the same circulatory issues, meaning that tight boots are detrimental to warm feet. Even if you receive them as a gift, you’ll need to exchange such footwear for a size that fits.

Other Strange Suggestions

A couple of ways to keep your feet warm may sound crazy, but they’re still true. The first is to buy toe warmers. Yes, these really exist, and they’re great for people with especially cold feet. Also, consider adding area rugs in the spaces where you spend most of your time in winter. You won’t lose warmth in the balls of your feet this way, because you’ll stand on a warmer surface.

Finally, avoid drinking caffeine. No matter how much you love your mocha latte, it’s a problem. Caffeine restricts the blood flow in your body, and many of your favorite drinks have high caffeine concentrations.

Keeping your feet warm requires more than a bunch of blankets. If you follow the suggestions above, however, you’ll stop having cold feet.

Did these tips help keep your feet warm this winter? Let us know in the comment section below.

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