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How to Install Glue-On Ceiling Tiles

While popcorn ceiling used to be a hot design feature for homes, today it is one of the most dreaded features out there. Not only is it dated, but it’s also incredibly hard and messy to remove. Whether you want to hide popcorn ceilings or you simply want a change from the ordinary, consider the ease and simplicity of ceiling tiles. Use this guide to help you install glue-on ceiling tiles without complications.

Install Glue-On Ceiling Tiles

Prepare Your Ceiling

To get your ceiling ready for the ceiling tiles, turn off the electricity to any ceiling light fixtures you might have in the room and remove them. Next, use a vacuum or broom to remove any spider webs from the ceiling, and use a damp cloth to take off any dirt or dust.

Find Your Starting Point

Once your ceiling is clean and dry, measure the length of each wall in your room and mark the midpoint on the ceiling. Then, create a chalk line to connect the parallel walls. The spot where the line crosses is the center of the room. Use a carpenter’s square to make sure your crossed lines make a 45-degree angle. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to chalk the lines again.

Apply Adhesive to the Tiles

When you’re ready to apply the ceiling tiles, you’ll need to put adhesive on the back of each one. All-purpose construction adhesive that comes in a caulking tube works best. Squeeze a bead of adhesive that’s about an inch and a half thick on each corner, the midpoint of each edge, and the center of the tile. Make sure you place the adhesive far enough away from the edges that it doesn’t leak out when you press the tile on the ceiling.

Install the Ceiling Tiles

Take your tile and align two edges with the chalk line in one quadrant on your ceiling and press firmly into place. Apply adhesive to your next tile and position it with one edge along the tile you just installed and another edge against the chalk line. Take your third tile, apply the adhesive and line it up with the chalk line and the remaining edge of your first tile. Continue to install tiles in this pattern and leave any tiles that need cut for the outer edge for last.

Cutting Ceiling Tiles

Once you get to the outer edges of the ceiling, you’ll probably need to cut your ceiling tiles to make them fit. Simply measure the space and mark a line on the back of the tiles with a pen and a straight edge. Set your tile on a flat surface and use a utility knife to cut it.

Finish Off the Look

These ceiling tiles are not perfectly square, which means you will have small gaps you’ll need to fill in with caulking. Run a small bead between all the joints to fill these spaces. Once the caulking is dry, you can paint the tiles with a water-based paint or leave them white. Finally, reinstall your light fixture and enjoy your new ceiling.

For an easy project that can help you change the look of your ceiling in just one day, turn to effortless and stylish glue-on ceiling tiles.